TiVo subscribers want mobile upgrade sooner

TiVo’s new TiVoToGo service is gradually reaching subscribers, but for some, it’s too slow in coming.

Some people always have to whine… And if they flipped the switch and upgraded everyone at once, only to have a bug break the units, people would complain about them not being careful enough. You just can’t win. ;-)

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  • jsciv

    I’m a DirecTiVo user, so I’m ineligible for all of this new-fangled S2 stuff. But the convenience and quality is totally worth it, so no complaints here. Given that, though, I have no particular pity for people who don’t have the newest features right away. :)

  • buran

    Well, I got upgraded already (right while watching something, too) but if I hadn’t been, so what? I’m a geek, but I’m not so impatient that I can’t wait…

    That said, I *did* complain about the oh-so-typical “you mac people have to wait and we won’t tell you how long” stuff that far, far too many companies pull (why can I never find firewire anythings, for that matter? USB everywhere, USB is TOO SLOW for half the stuff I want firewire for! but that’s another argument) …

    And the article does say they’re working on it. I’d just like to see something more concrete than “sometime”. nnnngh. And people wonder why gamers, for instance, don’t use macs? Hello!? We WANT to but you aren’t helping any!


    Take some pics and post them for us!

  • gregtrotter

    Well, this wouldn’t have happened if they had pushed the software, and then enabled it. The real issue was caused by an announcement of a slow rollout — “Hey, here’s a cool new feature! Oh, it might be weeks or months before you get it.”

    Yeah, I know they were up against a deadline — CES. So, it was clearly more important to make an announcement before CES than to actually have it deployed by then. But that’s the price you pay when you announce a product whose demand far outstrips your initial supply.