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Comcast Begins Deploying SDV Tuning Adapters

Last Friday TiVoCommunity member jtmal0723 received a letter from Comcast informing him that they’d begin offering the Tuning Adapter for Switched Digital Video channels this Monday, October 6th. And he ran right out and picked one up yesterday. In his … Continue reading

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CableLabs Approves Motorola And Cisco Tuning Adapters

The Motorola MTR700 and the Cisco STA1520, which we knew were slated for Wave 60 certification testing at the end of June, have both passed, as reported by Multichannel News. With both major vendors’ Tuning Adapters certified, cable MSOs should … Continue reading

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Cisco Tuning Adapter On Display At The Cable Show

Following up on his report on the Motorola MTR700, Ben Drawbaugh of EngadgetHD has posted photos of the corresponding Cisco/Scientific Atlanta STA1520 Tuning Adapter. While Motorola’s TA was part of a working demo, the Cisco box is just a static … Continue reading

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Cisco Unveils Their Tuning Resolver

Following quickly after Motorola unveiled their MTR700 Tuning Resolver, Cisco has unveiled their tuning resolver as well, the STA1520, which looks like their RTG100 cable box. (Remember, Cisco purchased Scientific Atlanta, and they’re starting to use their own branding on … Continue reading

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