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Virgin Media Standardizes on TiVo in Collections, Hawks Them With David Tennant

Building on the runaway success of their TiVo deployment in the UK, Virgin Media has revamped their service ‘bundles’ into three new ‘Collections’, all of which feature TiVo as standard. At this point if you sign up for service with … Continue reading

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Google Gets Into Augmented Reality With Project Glass

A long running staple of science fiction and cyberpunk stories is augmented reality. Some kind of glasses, contact lenses, or implants that give a character a layer of information on top of what their standard perceptions of the world around … Continue reading

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The Legacy Of The Lockheed Martin F-16

As part of their commemoration of the production of the 4,500th F-16 Fighting Falcon, Lockheed Martin has released a few videos. I posted one previously, and this one features LockMart employees talking about the legacy of the F-16: Also, I’d … Continue reading

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