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NASA Begins Second Round Of J-2X Testing

We’ve seen a previous video on the evolution of the J-2X rocket engine. As I posted before, the original J-2 was used on the second (S-II) and third (S-IVB) stages of the mighty Saturn V moon rocket. The J-2X update … Continue reading

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F-35C First Formation Flight

The first two Lockheed Martin F-35C carrier variant aircraft, CF-1 & CF-2, recently conducted their first formation flight. The F-35C is the largest of the three Lightning II variants with larger wings and horizontal tail surfaces, a strengthened tailhook for … Continue reading

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The Final Curtain Falls On Aria

We learned back in February that things were not going well for Aria, EchoStar’s effort to produce a CableCARD DVR for the US market. CableOne, who have been trialing the system, was reported to have given up on it and … Continue reading

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TiVo Touts Stop||Watch Over Nielsen

Last month I posted about TiVo’s apparent effort to promote their Stop||Watch ratings service to the industry. Well, it looks like the effort is ongoing. On Monday Alex Petrilli, senior manager of audience research at TiVo, blogged over at MediaBizBloggers.com. … Continue reading

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Samsung Implies iPhone Users Are Sheep, But Perhaps Goes To Far In Australia

Samsung has a long history of needling iPhone users through their ads, and it is generally fairly amusing. Even iPhone users find them funny if they have a sense of humor about the more extreme fanatics. They’re still at it … Continue reading

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