Supersized THR22 DirecTiVo Available For Pre-Order From WeaKnees

DirecTV THR22 DirecTiVo A couple of weeks ago I posted about WeaKnees’s forthcoming upgraded THR22, with up to 2TB of recording capacity. They now have four models of THR22 available for pre-order. The stock 500GB unit, with up to 61 HD hours and 529 SD hours, is $199.99. The three upgraded models start with a 1TB unit with 141 HD/1233 SD hours is $399.99. A 1.5TB unit with 221 HD/1937 SD hours is $499.99. And the top end 2TB unit, with a whopping 302 HD/2641 SD hours recording capacity, is $599.99. They don’t have a ship date yet, but they expect to have their initial allocation toward the end of January or in early February. It is first come, first served, so if you’re interested you should jump on a pre-order. You can cancel at any point before they ship without any penalty.

Current Shipping Status of the THR22 TiVo for DIRECTV

When will these ship from WeaKnees?

DIRECTV has a limited number of these units currently available, and has not yet started shipping to distributors and retailers. We are currently being told that we should have our initial allocation towards the end of January or beginning of February, 2012.

Of course, we are doing everything we can to speed up the timeline, and also to make sure our initial allocation will allow us to fill all backorders that we’ve taken up until that point. For the best chance of getting a unit in the initial allocation, be sure to get your order in early.

Orders may be cancelled at any time up until the product actually ships. If an order is cancelled and then reinstated, the position in the shipping queue will be lost and the order will be moved to the back of the queue.

Last Updated: 12/16/2011

More information about the HD TiVo THR22 for DIRECTV:

  • Works with TiVo’s KidZone for parental controls (requires a network connection)
  • Has two 30 minute buffers that are always active
  • Compatible with DIRECTV On Demand (requires a network connection)
  • Traditional TiVo Season Passes with all the features – and an unlimited number!
  • TiVo SwivelSearch and WishList Search options (requires a network connection)
  • Up to 1080p HD resolution
  • Fully SWM compatible
  • Includes a new DIRECTV access card
  • Includes two B-Band adapters for use in non-SWM systems
  • Ships with HDMI, composite, component, phone, and power cables
  • NOT compatible with other TiVo Peanut Remotes
  • Add an AM21 to get over-the-air HD channels into your THR22
  • The following DIRECTV features are not available with the TiVo HD DVR: Whole-Home DVR service, DIRECTV iPad App remote control and live TV streaming functionality, DIRECTV CINEMA (satellite downloads), YouTube on TV, 3D, and GameSearch
  • Monthly fees: $10 HD fee, $7 DVR fee, and $5 TiVo fee, in addition to your monthly receiver/lease fee. The HD, DVR, and TiVo fees are once per account, no matter how many DVRs are on the account. The receiver/lease fee occurs per unit.

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