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Jason Wong, TiVo Director Product Marketing, Talks About The Future

Last September at the IBC show in Amsterdam, Netherlands TiVo’s Director of Product Marketing, Jason Wong, sat down for an interview, the video of which has just been posted. He had a few interesting things to say which hint at … Continue reading

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Samsung Just Keeps On Poking The iPhone With A Sharp Stick

Samsung just keeps cranking out these “The Next Big Thing” ads touting their Galaxy S II at the expense of the iPhone. Not that I mind or anything, I think they’re fun.

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Gizmo Lovers At The Cable Show 2012

I may not have been able to make it to CES this year, but I’m tentatively planning to cover The Cable Show in May. (Tentative currently since I’ll need to work out the time off with my day job, but … Continue reading

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Broadcom And ViXS Get Their Chips In A Sling… Er, I Mean, A Sling In Their Chips

I was a little disappointed by the news out of CES last week. While there were certainly a lot of cool devices, like 4K Passive 3D TVs, razor thin OLED HDTVs with actual large screens, etc., a lot of the … Continue reading

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WeaKnees Expects The DirecTV THR22 DirecTiVo Wide Release On 01/30

While the new THR22 DirecTV TiVo HD DVR, aka DirecTiVo, launched last December 8th, it has only been available in limited markets. All we’ve known about general availability is that it was expected in ‘early 2012′. Well now we have … Continue reading

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