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Refurbished Logitech Revue with Google TV Just $79.99 At Amazon

It launched at $299.99, then the price was slashed to $249.99, $199.99, and finally $99.99. You can’t really call the Logitech Revue a success. But you can call it a solid product, and much improved now that the Google TV … Continue reading

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SlingPlayer for Google TV Now Available

During the lead up to the holidays Sling slipped out something we’ve been waiting for, SlingPlayer for Google TV. OK, they actually call it SlingPlayer for Logitech Revue for some reason, but it runs just fine on the Sony Google … Continue reading

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Supersized THR22 DirecTiVo Available For Pre-Order From WeaKnees

A couple of weeks ago I posted about WeaKnees’s forthcoming upgraded THR22, with up to 2TB of recording capacity. They now have four models of THR22 available for pre-order. The stock 500GB unit, with up to 61 HD hours and … Continue reading

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TiVo to Present at Citi 22nd Annual Global Entertainment Media & Telecommunications Conference

On Thursday TiVo announced that CEO and President Tom Rogers will be presenting at the Citi 22nd Annual Global Entertainment Media & Telecommunications Conference in San Francisco this upcoming Wednesday, January 4th in San Francisco, CA. The webcast will be … Continue reading

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Assembling the Airbus A300-200F, Painting the Boeing 747-8, and The Life of Luggage

A few weeks ago Airbus shared a video of an A300-200 airliner being assembled. Now they’ve shared another one, of the A330-200F’s final assembly. Yeah, same basic airframe, but the freighter version. Who cares, it’s aerospace factory pr0n! I spotted … Continue reading

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