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Everything Old Is New Again: Boeing 747-8

The B787 isn’t Boeing’s only new airliner, there’s also the B747-8. Yes, the B747-8. I know the B747 is hardly new, but the latest member of the family, the -8, is a radical redesign. The fuselage is a fairly direct … Continue reading

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Assembling the Airbus A300-200F, Painting the Boeing 747-8, and The Life of Luggage

A few weeks ago Airbus shared a video of an A300-200 airliner being assembled. Now they’ve shared another one, of the A330-200F’s final assembly. Yeah, same basic airframe, but the freighter version. Who cares, it’s aerospace factory pr0n! I spotted … Continue reading

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The 737 MAX, The World’s First Zero Calorie Airliner… Wait, no…

Boeing last week officially launched a new generation of the venerable 737, the unfortunately named 737 MAX. Seriously, that’s what they’re calling it. As you might be able to tell, I’m not all that fond of the name. The originally … Continue reading

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How Do You Paint a B747? KLM Shows How It Is Done

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines posted a blog entry about their environmentally friendly electrostatic painting process, but the best part is the time lapse video of one of the KLM Cargo B747-400F Freighters getting a fresh paint job. Via the Aviation … Continue reading

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Two Big Gizmos Finally Ship

While I normally cover the kind of gizmos that fit in your hand, or at least in your home, sometimes I like to go a bit bigger. This is a big month for Boeing, the B787 Dreamliner and the B747-8 … Continue reading

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