30% of US Homes Have an Internet Connected Video Device

Logitech Revue I found this surprising at first, but reading the numbers it does make sense. 30% of US households have an Internet connected device capable of handling video for their TV. The most common device is, not too surprisingly, a game console, with 23% of US households, according to Leichtman Research Group. And according to Frank Magid Associates, 19% watch video through a Sony PS3, and 13% through a Microsoft Xbox 360. (I know those don’t add up, I’m guessing different studies, different results, and/or overlap in the groups.)

10% of HDTVs in the US are now Connected TVs, like the Insignia TiVo models launched last week. The FMA study also indicates 6% receive OTT content via TiVo or other DVRs (I’m guessing mostly TiVo, since few other DVRs offer OTT content). Apple TV and Google TV account for 4% each, Roku nabs 3% while Slingbox and Boxee each grab 1%. I’m not sure what Slingbox is going in there, since a Slingbox is a sending device, not a receiving device. And the SlingCatcher surely doesn’t register.

I think the most surprising number out of all of these is that Google TV is 4%. It is only in a handful of devices, I find it hard to believe it would have more penetration than Roku. It just seems strange. The price on the Logitech Revue was slashed just last week. (Mine arrived yesterday, BTW. I haven’t had time to set it up yet.)

Also somewhat surprising, the study says only 7% of US households have a connected Blu-ray player. With network connectivity seemingly standard in so many players today, I’d've thought that number would be higher. But I suppose it hasn’t been that long since the trend started.

The end result of all this? 10% of adults watch at least one video a week on their TV via one of these devices.

Via MediaPost.

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  • Fanfoot

    I agree.  Some of these numbers don’t pass the smell test.  There’s absolutely no way Google TV is anywhere near 4% of US Homes.  That would be at least 4% of 114 Million (US TV Homes according to Nielsen May 2011) or 4.5 MILLION Google TVs.  If Google TV had sold 4.5 Million Units it would not be seen as some horrible failure…

    Roku and Apple TV are in the $99 or less range and the Logitech Revue is $299.  The one Sony Blu-Ray model is expensive, boxy and slow.  I can’t believe anybody would buy it if they didn’t want the Google TV part.  Sony has some TV models that include Google TV, but again, they’re expensive, and its not like just buying a Sony TV would end you up in the Google TV numbers.

    No way these are even remotely right.

    There’s something here of course, since Netflix now has more users than there are DVR users in the US.  Internet streaming really is taking off.   There’s just something wrong with this study.

    • http://www.gizmolovers.com/ MegaZone

      Yeah, the specific numbers seem hinky, but the overall findings are easier to accept.

      One thing – remember the Revue launched at $299.99, but quickly cut to $249.99, and then $199.99 – and now it is $99.99.  For $100 I think it is a steal, which is why I grabbed one.  Especially as it will get the Honeycomb update later this year which will bring apps and much improved UI.