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Get Your Game On With Amazon – Buy One, Get One Half Off

It isn’t quite as good as a Buy One, Get One or BOGO deal, but a Buy One, Get One Half Off sale isn’t too bad either. (I thought about writing it BOGOHO, but if you parse that wrong… I’m … Continue reading

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BBC Big Screen iPlayer to be Integrated with Virgin Media TiVo EPG

One of the few complaints lodged against the Virgin Media TiVo is that the BBC iPlayer is disconnected from the rest of the system. It lives as a separate app, and isn’t integrated into the ‘catch-up’ EPG, etc. While BBC … Continue reading

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EFF Campaign to Stop the FCC from Granting Integration Ban Waivers to Cable MSOs

I noticed something odd today, three nearly identical comments filed on FCC proceeding 97-80 (1,2,3). I knew someone must be coordinating the comments, so I searched, and sure enough, it if an effort organized by the EFF. The body of … Continue reading

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