Is TiVo Streaming Officially Arriving in October?

TiVo Logo We know TiVo is working on streaming content from the Premiere. It was even accidentally activated by a software update, until a later update disabled it again. And we know that TiVo is developing the TiVo Premiere Q/Elite and TiVo Preview for MSOs. The latter is a non-DVR STB where one of the primary functions is to stream content from a DVR unit. And they’re trying to get a waiver from the FCC to sell the units at retail. So we know they’re working on it, but we don’t know when it might be released.

Or do we? As I mentioned in my last post, during the Q&A at the end of their recent quarterly call, Virgin Media said“Just think about October, the second drop. The access your hard drive from another device.” That certainly sounds like they’ll be enabling streaming in October. And we know that Virgin Media intends to deploy the TiVo software on non-DVR STBs as well, as it was stated in the initial partnership announcement. While the UK HW is different, it still would be quite similar to a Premiere/Premiere Elite streaming to a Preview in the US. And the software used in the UK is related to the software used in the US, so perhaps not so very different after all.

If UK TiVo users will be getting streaming in October, perhaps the same time frame will hold true for the US? It makes some sense to roll out such a feature in time for the holiday shopping season, so I think it has some merit.

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