TiVo Wants To Know If You Want Spotify On Your TiVo

TiVo Logo This is perhaps unsurprising, as Virgin Media recently announced plans to add music service Spotify to TiVos in the UK, and Spotify subsequently launched in the US, but TiVo US is polling users to see if they’re interested in having Spotify on the US TiVo. TiVo pinged users through both Facebook and Twitter, asking users to ‘Like’ and re-tweet, respectively, if they want to see Spotify.

I suspect this may be more viral marketing (getting users to talk about a feature they already plan to add, especially as the work is being done in the UK) than an actual poll of interest. Still, it can’t hurt to let them know if you want it, if indeed you do.

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  • Fanfoot

    I’d love it.  If the interface was worth anything I’d probably switch.  Currently using MOG, but have evaluated Rdio before, and have recently looked at Spotify.  From Dave Zatz coverage it looks like it doesn’t quite have the ‘radio stations’ I’d like, but there are ways to come up with equivalents to that (e.g. the BBC radio playlists etc) given Spotify’s external API’s and web support. 

    Right now I rely on MOG plus Air Play, using the app on my iPhone to feed music to an Apple TV.  But I’d take a shot at Spotify if Tivo added it to the OTT features.

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