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Boston TiVo Users Get Comcast XFINITY On Demand Next Week!

I couldn’t get a date earlier this week at The Cable Show, but apparently Comcast knew and just wasn’t saying – Boston gets XFINITY On Demand next week. That means TiVo owners with Series4 Premiere models in Comcast’s Boston service … Continue reading

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All TiVo Premieres Get Update, Multi-Room Streaming Coming Monday

The new version 20.2 TiVo software update should now be available to TiVo Premiere units. If your unit hasn’t received the update, it should do so automatically the next time it calls home. You can speed up the process by … Continue reading

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TiVo Premiere Family Gets New Software With Updated HD UI And Multi-Room Streaming

In a surprise move tonight TiVo began rolling out a new software version for the TiVo Premiere family (Premiere, Premiere XL, and Premiere Elite), jumping all the way from version 14.9.2 to 20.2! While I’m sure the new version includes … Continue reading

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Badoop, Badoop, Badoop – BONK! No More 4th Press For Play

For as long as I can remember part of the TiVo UI is that a fourth press on the Fast-Forward or Rewind button takes you back to Play. That is until the 14.9 update hit the TiVo Premiere family. Now … Continue reading

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TiVo Premiere Elite Up on BestBuy.com – Kind of

The quad-tuner TiVo Premiere Elite has show up on BestBuy.com, with a tiny little catch. They’ve decided to price it a little higher than the announced $499.99. Here, let me show you with a screen capture: Yes, that says $10,000.00. … Continue reading

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