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TiVomino’s Coming To Australia

Yeah, TiVomino’s is a neologism I just made up, deal with it. Anyway, this shouldn’t be a surprise. First it was announced that pizza ordering would be coming to Australian TiVos. And then Domino’s Pizza ordering was announced for the … Continue reading

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Dish Network Looking For Jury Angle With TiVo

On November 20th the U.S. District Court of Texas set a date of February 17, 2009 for a bench trial to determine if EchoStar’s software is still infringing on TiVo’s patents. But now, according to the San Jose Mercury News, … Continue reading

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Blockbuster Teams With Microsoft For Mobile Movies

Blockbuster has teamed with Microsoft to bring digital video to mobile devices using Microsoft’s Live Mesh technology. It sounds like this will still be a download service and not streaming, based on the suggested use case of buying content from … Continue reading

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Australians Can Now Rent A TiVo

TiVo launched in Australia with a AUD$699 price tag and no subscription fees, and it has been doing OK base on past reports. But perhaps not well enough to satisfy Seven Network. Smarthouse reports that Hybrid Media Services, which was … Continue reading

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Blip.tv Joins TiVo

Blip.tv has partnered with TiVo to bring their web series to the TV screen. Blip.tv hosts a great deal of original content and makes it available through a variety of channels and in several formats. According to Advertising Age, Blip.tv … Continue reading

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