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TiVomino’s Coming To Australia

Yeah, TiVomino’s is a neologism I just made up, deal with it. Anyway, this shouldn’t be a surprise. First it was announced that pizza ordering would be coming to Australian TiVos. And then Domino’s Pizza ordering was announced for the … Continue reading

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Seven Days With TiVo In Australia

Louisa Hearn of the Sydney Morning Herald recently replaced her “ageing video recorder” with a brand new TiVo. And she chronicled the ups and downs of the first seven days with her new TiVo. In the end there are more … Continue reading

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A Bit More On The Australian TiVo

There’s been quite a lot of coverage of the TiVo launch down-under in the Australian press, which is good to see. All of that coverage should certainly help with consumer awareness. And the coverage has exposed few more tidbits of … Continue reading

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TiVo’s Australian Launch Confirmed For July 1st

Australian retailer Harvey Norman has confirmed a July 1st launch for TiVo in Australia, according to Current. It looks like Harvey Norman will have a three month exclusive on TiVo distribution, starting July 1st. The exclusivity arrangement was first broken … Continue reading

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TiVo To Have No Subscription Fees, In Australia

A few weeks ago I reported the news that Seven Network would ‘slash’ the planned AUD$10-12 subscription fee for TiVo service, in the face of increasing competition from Freeview and push-back from retailers. However, due to feedback from retailers such … Continue reading

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