DVRupgrade Offers TiVo Fountain Of Youth

Long-time TiVo expansion and service vendor DVRupgrade is today launching new TiVo life-extension services. While DVRupgrade has long offered pre-upgraded TiVo units, as well as drop-in replacement drives and the tools needed it to do-it-yourself, they’re now offering full TiVo repair services as well.

While DVRupgrade is best known for their TiVo related offerings, they’ve also branched out into other areas. They sell VideoReDo, a popular video editing and DVR burning package often used with TiVoToGo recordings, and a number of accessories. They also offer VUDU, HDHomeRun, Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder II, and a number of other products such as Slingboxes, Logitech remotes, and more.

I’ve used DVRupgrade’s products myself. A few years ago I used InstantCake to image a drive to recover and expand an old Series2 before I sold it to a friend. A just a few months ago I picked up a 750GB replacement drive to replace the factory 80GB drive in my Pioneer DVR-810H when it finally gave up the ghost after four and half years of constant use. I’ve always been very happy with both their products and their service, and I recommend them highly.

Press release:

Scott Jackson
DVRupgrade, Inc.
(773) 326-0189

DVRupgrade® delivers new TiVo® Life-Extension Services

TiVo Repair & Upgrade Services Make an Old TiVo Better than New; Repair or Re-gift That Old TiVo

CHICAGO, IL – (November 18, 2008) – There’s new life for that old TiVo, hard drive and all, thanks to DVRupgrade’s new repair services.

For the past nine years TiVo DVRs have changed the way people watch TV, and for almost as long, DVRupgrade has been providing upgrade kits and services to advanced TiVo owners who want to increase the recording times on their TiVo. Taking things one step further, now everyone who owns an older DVR can repair and enhance it with DVRupgrade’s new repair service. There has never been an easier and faster way to repair a TiVo DVR.

“Try walking into a local electronics store to repair and upgrade a broken TiVo,” said Lou Jacob, President and founder of DVRupgrade, “they will try to sell you a new one! We have found that almost all TiVo failures are hard-drive related, and can be easily fixed with a simple hard drive replacement.” Lou goes on to say, “Also, for those who have a lifetime subscription on their TiVo, repairing your unit is worthwhile and will save you money.”

There are a few different methods to repair and upgrade your TiVo. One inexpensive approach is a “Quick-Install Kit,” where a mechanically inclined person can install, revive and upgrade a TiVo in twenty minutes. The kit includes everything required for a successful installation and requires no computer or technical experience. If the customer wants DVRupgrade to do the work, “Same Day Turnaround” service is also available. With the holidays in mind, and for those considering the move to high definition, DVRupgrade is also offering a “Buy a New TiVo HD and Re-gift the Old” special. This service is appealing to those who would like to either give their old TiVo to someone else or use their older TiVo with another TV in the home. By purchasing an upgraded TiVo HD from DVRupgrade, the customer gets both a repair and upgrade of their old TiVo and a new TiVo HD, all for a special discount.

Repair and upgrade options for your TiVo start as low as $19.99. Learn more about DVRupgrade products and current holiday specials by visiting the DVRupgrade website at

About DVRupgrade, Inc.

DVRupgrade is the original provider and market leader of value-added products and repair services for TiVo DVRs. With TiVo Life-Extension solutions, DVRupgrade is committed to protecting TiVo technologies and customer subscriptions, while reducing the effort to make a TiVo DVR “better than new.”

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