Another Black Eye For Comcast TiVo

At the end of May I mentioned that CNET’s Matthew Elliott had started using the Comcast TiVo software, and at the time he was having some issues with it. Well, he’s posted again in CNET’s Crave blog and he hasn’t been having a good experience. Comcast and TiVo still haven’t released the promised update for the poor performance. On top of that, Matthew suffered from a major recording gaffe which seems to be a bug in the software. And he’s experiencing frozen screens and other glitches. He’s starting to think about just going back to the standard Comcast DVR software and I can’t blame him based on what he’s experiencing. (Though I think he’d be better of just getting a TiVo HD.) TiVo and Comcast really need to get a fix out soon, they’ve been promising it for a long time now.

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  • Glenn

    I’ll make the obvious prediction right now–this is a complete failure, and will be abandoned by both Comcast and Tivo within a year (from now). And its failure suggests that all those OCAP applications won’t be any better–i.e. buggy, slow, and unusable. Don’t hold your breath for any of this…

    The bad news obviously is that Tivo put a lot of effort into all of this, and is going to get nothing for it. For a company that is barely getting by, this isn’t a good situation. Obviously they were hoping to become more of a software company, and get some nice revenue out of this. That ain’t going to happen…