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As your primetime favorites are wrapping up their storylines for a long summer siesta, you’ll hear no moaning and groaning from me: In fact, now we all have time to explore all the great TV waiting to be watched simply because we chose TiVo over just any DVR.

From new-release movies to classic-film favorites, guitar lessons to gourmet meals, only TiVo lets you turn your TV onto anything, any time… Have you checked out the tons of FREE TV programming you can send straight to your living room in just a few ba-doop ba-doops of your remote? Really, you must.

Watch this and I’ll show you why once you plug your TiVo DVR into your home Internet network, TiVo gives you even more choice than cable or satellite. With so much programming at your beck-and-call, you will quickly start to see how you can create your own personalized television experience (with or without subscribing to a cable/satellite service!), thanks to this big little guy called TiVo.


P.S. Political persuasions aside, I choose to focus on what we have in common, rather than what we don’t. Hillary gives David Letterman her Top 10 Reasons why she loves America: Wait for number 6.

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Product Lifetime Service

TiVo Tip

Need help?

Amazon Unbox on TiVo

Shanan says…

TiVo Fan Mail

Simply the best gift for Dad. A 'Lifetime' of HD

We’re reviving Product Lifetime Service!

Back by popular demand: TiVo Product Lifetime Service!

Starting now, existing TiVo customers like you will save an additional $100 when you purchase Product Lifetime Service—only $299 for each additional DVR added to your home.

Meanwhile, first-time TiVo customers can also say NO to monthly bills (and maybe even reduce their cable bill when they replace their cable box with TiVo HD) by choosing to pay one up-front fee that covers the life of the TiVo DVR for $399. Learn more.

(Editor’s note: And you think just because I can’t personally reply to every email that comes through, we don’t read them all…).

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TiVo Tip: What do you want to watch right now?

Did you know that more than 25,000 different videos–from new release movies to the latest music videos to entire TV series, not to mention continuous original programming, including, let’s say… guitar lessons (beginner, intermediate, or advanced)–are all ready-to-watch on TiVo, right now? Get to know everything your TiVo DVR can bring you by pointing your remote here:

  • From TiVo Central, select Find Programs & Downloads
  • Then select Download TV, Movies, & Web Video
  • Browse endless entertainment options including:

    Amazon.com – browse tens of thousands of titles to rent or buy right from your couch

    Music Choice – enjoy the world’s largest music video library—FREE!

    Video downloads – includes tons of FREE original programming. Choose to download just one episode or “Get a Season Pass.” New videos are being added regularly. Here are the latest additions!

    Watch the video

Guitar SherpaThe New York TimesGametap

You’ll find your selections on your Now Playing List just like any other TiVo recording.

Bonus Tip: If you like Web video, you’ll love this: Upgrade to TiVo Desktop Plus and you can start having your favorite feeds sent straight to your TV!

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Need Help?

Connect a TiVo box to a network

Watch one show, record another

Help with HD and Cable Cards

Update my credit card

Schedule recordings any time online

Other support topics

Get more helpful tips

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amazonUnbox on TiVo
Now Available for Rental!

Rent or buy movies without ever leaving
your couch!

There are 1000s of top movies and TV shows to download directly to the Now Playing List on your TiVo DVR from the Amazon Unbox Video Download Store.

Learn how to try it yourself.

Now Available to Rent!
Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street
P.S. I Love You
Lars and the Real Girl
The Kite Runner
27 Dresses

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Shanan Says… What to Watch this Summer


Don’t lament the loss of your favorite series this summer. Add these perhaps new-to-you titles to your list of Season Pass(R) recordings, and I promise you’ll feel cooler just knowing you’ve got great TV taste.

Mad Men:
AMCTV is currently replaying Season 1 in its entirety; catch this retro-kitschy-cool series before Season 2 starts this summer. Expect gorgeousness all-around in set and design and the narrative will keep you wound as tight as the girdles worn by those 1960 gals. Oh, the details!

This American Life:
A reason to get Showtime. Ear + eye candy on TV. Plus, charming host Ira Glass is also a huge TiVo fan, so what’s not to love about this radio-turned-video star’s graceful foray into the (HD)TV waves that serves up slices of Americana in the form of satisfying stories about life in these 50 states + 1 D.C.

Flight of the Conchords:
It was “business time,” all right, when HBO had the smarts to pick up this hilarious folk’ish duo. They harmonize with those of us who don’t take life (or ourselves) too seriously. In fact, this could be my reason to move to New Zealand and take TiVo with me, mwhahahah!

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TiVo Fan Mail

Find us on Facebook

I guess TiVo fan mail isn’t just for TiVo anymore. We’ve been simultaneously humbled and inspired by seeing your lovely smiles and reading the “Wall” posts on our TiVo Fan Page on Facebook. Here are a few of our recent favorites:

I love you Tivo – you have changed my life…thank you for freeing me from commercials and being able to watch the hour long “Dancing with the Stars” results show in 10 minutes because I can zip through all the extra stuff that they have added in to stretch out the show.

I raved about TiVo to my parents and they got a DVR thinking it was the same. They were sadly mistaken. I love my TIVO!!!!

I got my first TiVo after seeing it mentioned on “Sex & The City” (yes, seriously), and now I don’t know why I didn’t get one sooner. After all, I lived less than a mile from corp. headquarters for almost two years. How did I ever watch TV before TiVo?
- Marianne

If you’re on Facebook, it’s not too late to join the fun on our TiVo Fan Page! You, too, can post your TiVo testimonial, chat on our Discussion Boards, add our addictive My TV app, and stay tuned in to all things TiVo in between newsletters.

No, we don’t make this stuff up. You send us a story or photo of your favorite TiVo moment and we make a RECORD of it – from TiVo birthday cakes to TiVo tattoos to TiVo what-have-you.

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