TiVo News Out Of D: All Things Digital Conference

The sixth D: All Things Digital conference (aka D6) is going on currently, and Tom Rogers was one of the speakers today. Naturally this has produced a flurry of coverage. Silicon Alley Insider has a pseudo-transcript of Rogers’ Q&A interview with Kara Swisher (see video below). CNET has some short coverage.

But the most exciting news comes via AllThingsD:

What about ease of use? TiVo wireless adapters are good, Rogers responds, acknowledging there’s nevertheless a multiset issue: You still need a second box. But we’re working on a whole-home model, he adds.

That’s a almost a throwaway line, but it is great news. It sounds like they’re moving beyond Multi-Room Viewing to a true distributed system. This isn’t too surprising, as we’re seeing multi-room solutions gaining traction with providers like AT&T U-Verse and various cable MSOs. I have to wonder if this is the ‘Series4′ OCAP/tru2way box Rogers has hinted at in the past, or a different product. I do hope TiVo doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and uses established standards like DLNA. That would allow DLNA-enabled platforms (like the PS3) to access the content and not just some TiVo-mate client box.

Here’s a couple of ‘highlight reels’ of Tom Rogers’ interview at D6.

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  • Steve

    I really support the DLNA / non-closed solution for whole house distribution of content. Keep pushing this idea!!


  • DSSwonsob

    I remember when my brother got a couple of Dish DVR’s and we were trying to set them up. The interface was horribly unintuitive but when I saw how easy it was to watch remotely recorded shows I was green with envy. I just hope Tivo comes up with a nice seamless way to distribute shows, I’d prefer it to be a an “open” solution like DLNA but I won’t cry if it’s not.

    By the way, did anyone else notice Tom Rogers say that the last thing he did before leaving NBC (for Tivo) was to get get NBC to invest in Tivo? Sounds a little shady to me.