DISH Network DTVPal Website Launched

DISH Network has launched a website for their DTVPal Digital-To-Analog Converter set-top box, the STB formerly known as the TR40. A prototype was shown as CES in Sling Media branding, but it looks like they’ll be marketing it as DISH Network. Which actually seems a little confusing to me, as people associate DISH Network with satellite, and might not understand this is a terrestrial ATSC converter box. It is unclear if the DTVPal may yet also show up in Sling Media and/or EchoStar branding.

According to the website the DTVPal will be available for order in ‘late June’, though prices are not yet listed. It is a very simple device. It has one input – antenna coax, two sets out outputs – one RF coax modulated for channel 3 or 4 and one composite video with stereo audio, and one power connector. For such a simple device the remote has a number of buttons, but the image is too small to make out what they’re all labeled. Though they have loaded the box with a number of extra features, which probably explains the buttons. Among the features are an EPG, closed-caption decoding, parental controls, an event timer to auto-tune scheduled programs, and a program search function.

No word yet on the DTVPal DVR, which seems to be the new name for the TR50 OTA DVR shown at CES. It is looking like ‘DVTPal’ will be the new branding for OTA ATSC devices from EchoStar.

Disclaimer: I’m currently employed by Sling Media, which is owned by EchoStar, who produces the DTVPal for DISH Network. Convoluted enough? It’s like Dark Helmut and Lone Starr.

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  • Doris McNary

    If you are the person working for Sling Media which is owned by EchoStar, I have a message for them. They have been misinforming the public about their product. We were told it would be $39.99, but the latest website lists it for $79.98. That means it will cost $39.98 AFTER USING THE COUPON! We back-ordered two and our order was canceled when DishNetworks (or whoever) reneged on their promise to deliver. Now we are left with expired coupons. I will never do business with DishNetwork! They can’t be trusted!

  • Doris McNary

    Hi, I am Doris. I forgot to check the box to be notified if there is a comment to my comment. Also, I don’t have a “website.” The comment I was responding to was on the “gizmolovers” website.
    Does anyone else out there feel as upset as I do about this???

  • MegaZone

    I do work for Sling Media, but this site is not connected to them at all (I’ve had the site longer than I’ve worked there). And Sling isn’t involved with the DTVPal. While Sling is part of the same corporate umbrella, Sling doesn’t have anything to do with the DTVPal directly. It is being produced by EchoStar and sold through Dish Network.

    As for the pricing, it looks like the price is $59.99 (plus shipping), not $79.99, going by the official website. If someone is charging $79.98 for it then they’re charging more than MSRP.

    I know when it was originally announced, as the TR40, it was mentioned as having a #39.99 price target. But the official price and availability weren’t actually announced. I’m not sure what happened (as I said, Sling isn’t involved) but a several weeks ago it was announced that the price would be $59.99 and availability would be late June. It looks like it became available today.

    I know some websites had been taking pre-orders for it at a lower price, but I don’t know what information they were working from. You couldn’t have pre-ordered from Dish Network since they weren’t taking orders until today, so I’m not sure what happened with whatever retailer you were using and why they’re overcharging and canceling orders.