Echostar/Sling Media TR40 Now The DTVPal, Gets New Look

Seen at CES in Sling Media branding, the TR40 is a digital TV converter box for antenna users. Slated for a June release, the hardware shown at CES had a Sling-ish trapezoidal shape. Now SlingCommunity is reporting that the final design of the box will be more curvy, with a softer, rounded body. SlingCommunity has an image, which looks like a render and not an actual box. And to go along with the new look is a new name to replace the dry ‘TR40′, it will be marketed as the DTVPal.

I’m ambivalent about curvy consumer electronics devices. It makes it hard to stack the boxes, which many people have to do. But it does look nice.

Disclaimer: While I currently work for Sling Media, which is owned by EchoStar, I don’t currently have anything to do with the TR40/DTVPal. I’m just reporting on what SlingCommunity said.

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  • Gryphon

    I’m ambivalent about curvy consumer electronics devices. It makes it hard to stack the boxes, which many people have to do.

    Maybe that’s the idea: They’re trying to avoid the overheating problems that plague a lot of so-called “set-top” equipment (and really, when you think about it, on top of the average TV set these days is a lousy place to try and put anything other than maybe your 5.1 system’s center speaker) by making it physically difficult to stack anything on top of it.

  • Cassidy

    I want one of these just to see what it can pick up in my area, ie. will it be a ‘better’ tuner than the tv or TiVO HD.

  • MegaZone

    It probably won’t be a better tuner than the TiVo or TV. I know that the TiVo’s ATSC tuner has been largely praised for being one of the better ones out there. What makes more of a difference is the antenna – a good ATSC antenna, mounted in the right place, can make a huge difference to reception.

  • Joe

    I found a site with new DTVPal pictures- front and back of the new design:
    It will have analog pass-through, VCR Timer, 7 day program guide and it’s going to be free with a coupon. Sounds great!

  • Curly Joe

    Sounds good Joe. Only thing is the site that is taking orders for these said they have 50K orders already per dotay.
    So they cannot guarantee delievery. If they cancel your order and your card is expired your up the creek.
    Be warned…

  • Randy

    There are pictures and information about the new DISH NETWORK TR-40CRA on this site too: It appears to be the same as the DTVPal.

  • MegaZone

    It was originally announced as the TR-40 and later rebranded as the DTVPal.

  • Partsman_ba

    And then re-rebranded as the TR-40CRA, so now you can either pay your $60 for the original graphics or save $20 on the new graphics – it’s your choice at Dish! And now they have a “DTVPal Plus” listed on the NTIA approved list. Wonder if it will be $80 and add COLOR graphics on the box?

  • MegaZone

    I wonder of Dish Network was somehow contractually obligated to sell some units for $40, hence the TR-40 CRA? The FAQ:

    What is the difference between TR-40 CRA and DTVPal?

    TR-40 CRA is a special limited production version of the DTVPal. Offered at the government coupon price of $40, the TR-40 CRA includes the highly-acclaimed features and functionality of the DTVPal.

    DTVPal has garnered much praise in recent months and is recommended as a “top choice” by CNET. DTVPal’s amazing features and consumer-friendly technology make it a great value at only $19.99 with a $40 government coupon.

    I wonder if the DTVPal Plus could be the EchoStar TR-50 OTA ATSC DVR that was shown at CES alongside the TR-40.