Walt Disney Studios Comes To TiVo Downloads Via CinemaNow

TiVo continues to add content partners as they continue to transform the TiVo from a DVR into a general content portal. Joining the existing TiVoCast, TiVo Web Video, and Amazon Unbox content, and the previously announced Jaman and YouTube features, is CinemaNow. While the press release (below) really stressed the fact that Walt Disney Studios content is part of the deal, I did ask and had confirmed that the deal includes other content from CinemaNow and not just Disney.

Unfortunately, rentals are subject to the same 24 hour viewing window as Unbox. This is just the industry standard, and until the studios relax their requirements we’re stuck with it. Even 48 hours would be a nice improvement. But this is a nice but of news:

The companies will offer the movies for a 24-hour rental period in standard definition, with many also available in high definition.

We could really use more high definition content downloads. This will be a nice addition to TiVo’s content sources, and we’ve already had a hint at HD content coming to Unbox and it sounds like the Jaman content will be HD.

I hope we continue to see content sources added to TiVo, perhaps Netflix or Blockbuster’s Movielink will be next. Variety and competition are both good things.

The press release:


TiVo now offers movies from all major studios directly to the television set

ALVISO, CA – May 28, 2008 – TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), the creator of and a leader in television services for digital video recorders (DVRs), today announced that TiVo subscribers will soon be able to download movies from The Walt Disney Studios to their broadband connected TiVo® DVRs directly from the TV.

Titles will be available to rent through an agreement with Disney-ABC and CinemaNow, a digital entertainment provider of high-quality Hollywood movies and TV shows across multiple platforms, and the latest partner to join TiVo’s broadband efforts. The companies will offer the movies for a 24-hour rental period in standard definition, with many also available in high definition.

“We are very excited to be working with Disney and CinemaNow. Adding Disney movies really delivers on TiVo’s promise to offer the best television entertainment experience with unlimited content choices that are easy to navigate across broadcast, cable, and broadband using one device, one remote, and one user interface,” said Tara Maitra, Vice President and GM of Content Services at TiVo Inc.

“TiVo has always delivered a superior experience,” said Dan Cohen, executive vice president of pay television and interactive media, Disney-ABC Domestic Television. “We’re pleased that their subscribers will be able to enjoy our extensive catalog of new releases and classic library titles.”

The service is available to all broadband-connected TiVo Series2™ and Series3™ subscribers later this year. TiVo offers more than 30,000 titles through Amazon Unbox, Music Choice and more than 50 other content providers. The company recently announced that TiVo subscribers will be able to access YouTube videos directly on the TV via the TiVo DVR this summer.

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  • Glenn

    Agreed about the HD downloads. I mostly rent movies these days via my Apple TV and I really won’t rent one that isn’t in HD. Sorry, it just looks better. Obviously the studios are still playing games since some of the stuff I’d like to watch isn’t available except in SD, which is too bad. Just reduces the amount of stuff I consume.