TiVo Website Redesign Breaks Affiliate Links – FIXED!

EDIT: I’ve been periodically checking the links, and at 13:17 EST it looks like the links are working again. Thank you to TiVo for getting the links fixed fairly quickly.

If you find any links to TiVo that are still broken, please let me know so that I can fix them.

A couple of people have noticed that many, if not most, of the links to TiVo on the site are broken – for example the three graphic links on the left, the one the right, the ‘Shop TiVo.com’ link to the upper right, links in old posts, etc. What happened? Well, I usually use links via TiVo’s affiliate program, and it seems that when they launched their new website design last week the changes to the site broke all of the affiliate links. I’ve even checked the current links available through the program, and they’re broken too.

I’ve notified TiVo of the issue and I’m going to give them some time to fix things before I deal with relinking everything. Hopefully they can fix it on their end, such as via redirects to map the old URLs to the new ones. I think that’s the right thing to do anyway, there are links all over the web to pages on their site and breaking all those links doesn’t really make sense – for TiVo or anyone else. So, anyway, bear with me and give TiVo some time to put this right. Thanks, and I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

By the way, is anyone using the Custom Styles for the site? Feedback has been kind of underwhelming.

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  • dbldbl

    Besides the breaking of affiliate links, an important link to reporting incorrect channel lineups is broken.

    Over here the creating a report link is broken, until I noticed a :443 within the url. I erased it from the address bar, and this correct link seems to work.

    I’m posting over on the LJ community site regarding the 9.3 update to my S2 boxes and the issue of Bravo dropped from the lineup. Again.

  • http://www.zatznotfunny.com Dave Zatz

    I reported the channel lineup link issue to Stephen last week. tivo.com/lineup is now working. I hope they fix the affiliate links without me doing anything – this kind of crap is why I mostly stick with Amazon these days.

  • Joseph Katz

    Not a big fan of the new design, feels too Fisher Price “MY FIRST DVR”ie

    Also haven’t used custom styles. I follow the RSS feed from my yahoo page when the subject interests me and don’t really care what it looks like just that your information is always good.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Brad

    I am using the custom styles, turned it all white-black… it was not like it was a big deal as designed, was more curious what it would do and left it like this… good job though not sure it was worth the effort

  • http://www.eyrie-productions.com/ Gryphon

    It was worth it to me, but he knew that already. :)

  • Scarymike

    I like the option of having a black and white design. The black background just doesn’t work for me on.