Site Updated To WordPress 2.5

Boy, that was more of an adventure than I’d planned. I just spent the night, literally the whole night, upgrading the site to WordPress 2.5, and then tracking down all the issues it created with the plug-ins I use. A couple were actually problems in the new versions of the plug-ins needed to go with 2.5, but some were just strange – why does refreshing permalinks fix the problems with the WP-Print plug-in? Nothing changed, they’re just refreshed! *sigh* I also had to re-apply some of my customizations. I make some changes to WP and some plug-ins to make them behave more to my liking.

Anyway, I think I’ve managed to squash them all now. And everything seems to be working. I’m not too happy about some of the changes they made to the interface. The biggest complaint is moving ‘categories’ on the authoring page. It is used on every post, and it used to be right next to the editing box in a nice pull-down, now they’ve moved it down the page such that you have to scroll to get to it. Everything used to fit on one screen to write posts. That’s really annoying. I’d be a lot more annoyed by the new interface if not for the Admin Menus plug-in. The default navigation is far too obtuse. These are the plug-ins I use now.

If you experience any trouble with the site, let me know – either directly or leave a comment.

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  • Dave Zatz

    The upgrade has it’s pros and cons… the bets improvements and also bizarre reactions seem related to images. For example, I can now upload galleries but trying to insert an individual image into a post only works 1/3 of the time. I agree the category listing location is inefficient. And why would Design be a main tab compared to Plugins? I also noticed when doing a minor edit on Mari’s post prior to it running, it changed the author from her to me. On the plugin side, I don’t think I had any problems… Sorry your upgrade was such a bear.

  • Alex

    Welcome to the club :) .