DVR Ad-Skipping Reduces Sales Of Up To 20% Of Brands

According to Advertising Age the results of over three years of research by Information Resources Inc. into DVR and non-DVR households shows that DVR households purchase new packaged goods products 5% less often than non-DVR households amongst IRI’s ‘Pacesetting’ brands and that roughly 20% of all brands showed a statistically significant reduction in volume. A handful of brands actually saw a slight sales increase in DVR households, but it wasn’t statistically significant. But it is an indication that not all brands will necessarily suffer from DVR ad-skipping.

The research also shows that moving ad money away from TV can help mitigate the impact of DVRs. The brands that spend 20% of more of their media budgets outside of TV showed no significant drop in DVR households. The study also provided some insight into DVR users’ habits:

Overall, IRI panelists watched 42% of the programming on CBS time-shifted, compared to only 10% on the Food Network and 18% on Lifetime. While 34% of programming originally airing on Fridays was time-shifted, only 15% of Sunday shows were.

As network executives have suspected, the study showed people were far less likely to fast-forward through network promos than ads– indicating that creative appeal does make a difference. More than 60% of viewers, for example, watched network promos in the first pod position at normal speed vs. fewer than 45% who watched other ads.

There is some more interesting information in the article.

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