Continuing To Tweak – And Don’t Forget To Update Your RSS Feeds

Since the big name change on Saturday I’ve been continuing to make a few tweaks. I was uncertain about the intense blue I’d used for the new link color, and I received some feedback that it was just unreadable on some displays because it over-saturated them. (It was full blue: #0000ff.) So I changed the links to a ‘softer’ blue shade which does seem to be a lot easier on the eyes – and displays. One thing I don’t plan to change is the black background – I really like black backgrounds. I use green-on-black for all my terminals, I set my feed readers to use green-on-black, etc. I find it doesn’t strain my eyes like black-on-white does. But I think the new green (which is full green #00ff00), which is the same green most terminals use, is a lot more readable than the old ‘TiVo green’, which didn’t contrast as well. And I’ve received some feedback already that it is more readable for others.

Still, I know some people really don’t like black backgrounds, so I’m going to try to bump the implementation of user-selectable styles to the top of my list. It has been on there for a while now, and I know what I need to do, it has just been a matter of finding time. So I hope to do that for you soon.

I know some of the URLs still have ‘TiVo’ in them. Fixing that is a lower priority, since that’s minor and it also means I’ll need to setup redirection for any URLs I change, lest I break old links. I will get to it. A higher priority is finding any lingering links on the site that still point to, as well as updating content to use the new name. If you spot any issues on the site, you can comment on this post or contact me directly.

Now, as for RSS feeds. Fortunately, going by the FeedBurner stats, it looks like a lot of people automatically picked up the new feed. But there are still many people pointing to the old feed. If the previous post in your feed is ‘DVR Ad-Skipping Reduces Sales Of Up To 20% Of Brands‘, then you’re still getting the full feed. If the previous post in your feed is ‘Design A New Logo For Gizmo Lovers & Win A TiVo HD‘, then you are not getting the full feed – you’re just getting the site updates.

You are probably subscribed to, which is now deprecated. You should unsubscribe from that feed and subscribe to or simply – which redirects to the same thing. (The latter is probably safer, since I can redirect that as needed in the future.) If you’re subscribed to that still works (since it redirects to, but you may want to update at some point just to be safe.

Oh, and I made a small edit to the create a new logo contest post. Check that out if you’re thinking of entering.

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