TiVo Discontinues The Series3 TCD648250B

If you want to get an original TiVo Series3 TCD648250B, you’d better act soon, because they’re going away. TiVo is end-of-lifing the TCD648250B, the original Series3 with the OLED display, etc, and will focus on the TiVo HD, TCD652160. Lou Jacob of DVRupgrade just forwarded me this news from TiVo:

I wanted to give an update on our plans with the TiVo Series3 HD DVR. A successful implementation of the $200 rebate through the holidays has drained supply at a faster rate than anticipated. This has caused a continued component shortage that cannot be rectified for several months (4-6). Due to this parts supply situation, we have made the difficult decision to accelerate the EOL of this SKU and focus all efforts on the recently launched, lower cost TiVo HD DVR (TCD652160). Our sincere apologies for the short notice on this decision. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I’m not surprised. I’ve said a few times now that I expected TiVo to discontinue the original Series3 and likely the Series2DT, to focus solely on the TiVo HD platform going forward. Hopefully, with the demise of the S3, we may see some additional models in the TiVo HD line – large drives perhaps? So if, for some reason, you’re set on getting the original S3 with the OLED display, bundled Glo remote, and THX certification, you’d better find one before they’re gone. DVRupgrade still has some expanded units in stock.

EDIT: I emailed TiVo earlier today with a few questions about this news, and they sent me the following statement:

We are nearing the end of production on this particular model of the Series3 hardware. However, we are not ‘End Of Lifing’ the product (EOL). Development continues on new features and capabilities for all Series3 platforms, including this specific model. There is no impact to current or future customers of this model, they can continue to expect and enjoy the TiVo Service on their DVR. Availability of the 250G model will vary from retailer to retailer throughout the year, and as a result we are currently recommending the TiVo HD model as an alternative solution for their customers.

EDIT: See questions raised by the Series3 EOL.

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  • Canoehead

    It’s too bad, since I really love my S3, but is likely the correct decision strategically and logistically. I hope they keep making the premium remote – I had to buy one for the bedroom Tivo HD, since the wife hated the mushy bundled piece of junk.

  • http://www.gizmolovers.com/ MegaZone

    Yeah, me too. The Glo remote is excellent.

  • http://bjdraw.com Ben Drawbaugh

    Now to wait and see how long it takes for TiVo to offer a TiVo HD with OLED display, 250GB HDD and glo remote.

  • http://www.gizmolovers.com/ MegaZone

    I don’t think I’d hold my breath on that one. They may refresh the line with a larger drive at some point, but since the lower cost of the HD is its main advantage, I don’t think they’ll be tarting it up too much. Maybe they’ll offer discount bundles with the Glo remote as a promo or something.

  • zeotivo

    one hyphenated word for tarting up the TiVoHD

    wait for it………

    Blu-Ray :)

  • Rich

    Wow, I just purchased a new HD yesterday and came close to getting the S3(Look for the referral)instead. Does the Glo Remote work eith the HD?

  • http://www.gizmolovers.com/ MegaZone

    Rich – Yes, the Glo remote works with the TiVo HD.

  • http://www.zatznotfunny.com Dave Zatz

    There goes my hope of support for S3 MCard.

  • http://www.gizmolovers.com/ MegaZone

    Dave – I sent a few questions to TiVo, including the future of M-Card, I’ll see what they say if they reply.

  • Tom

    I thought they would have discontinued the S3 when the TiVoHD was introduced. I’ve owned one for over a year and been very happy with it. But the S3 seemed to be marketed for the high end-home theatre enthusiast, which was their first box ever aimed for that crowd. The TiVoHD is a return to their more consumer friendly, mass market roots/ambitions.

  • http://www.zatznotfunny.com Dave Zatz

    MZ, I also pinged them last night. Looks like we got the same message from KW. ;)

    Tom, do you remember the price of the original Series1 units? ;)

  • Tom

    Dave, I dove into the TiVo markert with a single tuner S2 ($300 + $300 Lifetime, I thought that was steep then!). I’m glad to say I’m still a lifer with the S3.

    I’ve retired my S2 after it’s free year(with the S3 transfer offer although TiVo gave me another 2 free months on it to keep me interested). Not quite sure what to do with it. I don’t think it’s wise to invest in anything SD at this point in the game. I tell all my friends to get the TiVoHD, even if they don’t have an HDTV (you will eventually).

  • Jay

    ZeoTiVo is the biggest douchebag in the forum, all he does is stick his nose as far up TiVo’s ass as it can go. Definition of a fanboy: ZeoTiVo. WHAT A TOOL!

  • Tom

    And who thought a year old thread was dead and forgotten (and a flame at that).

    Just to stay on topic, there still are S3 units for sell in some places, even a year after it was discontinued.

    But reading over the comments, I find Ben’s comment almost prophetic (but wrong S3 feature). We now have the XL with much more space than the S3 and THX certification (the only S3 feature in the XL?).