The TiVo HD Referral Sweepstakes

TiVo just launched The TiVo HD Referral Sweepstakes. Entering is simple – every time someone uses you as a TiVo Rewards Referral when activating a new TiVo, you get another entry. So the first thing you’d need to do is sign up for the TiVo Rewards program. Yes, clearly this is designed to encourage people to get their friends to join the TiVolution – but hey, you get rewards points *and* a chance to win some loot.

Oh yea, the loot. TiVo is running this as three consecutive monthly sweepstakes and then one grand prize sweepstakes. The first sweepstakes began at 12:00 AM Pacific Time on August 23, 2007 and runs until 11:59PM PT on September 15, 2007. Then the second one begins and runs through 11:59PM PT on October 15, 2007. And then the third and final one begins and runs until 11:59PM PT on November 15, 2007 – and that is also the Grand Prize deadline. If I’m understanding the Official Rules correctly, each monthly drawing will be on the 20th of each month (5 days after the entry deadline), and the Grand Prize drawing will be January 20, 2008. Odd – I would’ve made it December 20, 2007 – then TiVo would be able to make press with a big Holiday Gift for someone.

Each month TiVo is giving away five (5) Flip Video™ Camcorders (60 minute model) valued at $149.99 each, for a total of 15 winners. The Grand Prize is a TiVo HD DVR ($299.99), a TiVo Wireless Network Adapter ($59.99), a one (1) year subscription to the TiVo service ($179.99), and a check for $2,500 – for a total of $3039.97. Yeah, OK, it says 50″ HDTV on the main sweepstakes page, but the fine print says:The HD Television portion of the Grand Prize shall be awarded as two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) cash in the form of a check made payable to Selected Entrant. Frankly, I’d rather have the check anyway. :-)

Of course, you could just see if you’re a winner now:10. WINNERS LIST. For names of the prize winners, available after June 30, 2006… Psst, TiVo, you might want to fix that typo in the rules.

TiVo Rewards Referrals for the site are always appreciated, even more so while the sweepstakes is running. ;-)

Picked up from TiVo Blog.

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