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Thank you Gregg

Thanks for the TiVo Rewards Referral, Gregg!

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Expanded TiVo HD drives starting to ship

Following up my post from the other day, expanded storage for the TiVo HD is becoming available. WeaKnees.com is now shipping drive kits and expects to begin shipping pre-expanded units soon. It isn’t clear if they’re using Spike2k5′s WinMFS tools, … Continue reading

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ViXS talks about their chip in the TiVo HD – and TiVo Lovers!

The image is a capture from the current ViXS.com homepage. Notice what the top news item is? Yeah, they actually linked to my review. Of all the reviews out there, they linked mine. Damn. I feel all special and stuff. … Continue reading

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Blu-ray vs. HD DVD round… forget it, I’ve lost count…

A number of people have made the VHS vs. Betamax argument with Blu-ray vs. HD DVD, including the sub-argument that the format embraced by pornographers will prevail. Personally, I don’t buy that argument – or at least I don’t think … Continue reading

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