Blu-ray vs. HD DVD round… forget it, I’ve lost count…

A number of people have made the VHS vs. Betamax argument with Blu-ray vs. HD DVD, including the sub-argument that the format embraced by pornographers will prevail. Personally, I don’t buy that argument – or at least I don’t think it really matters. Back when video tape came out the only access to video porn was with 8mm film and projectors, so being able to acquire it on VHS really did fire up the market. Today you can get it on VHS, DVD, and, most of all, the Internet. So I don’t think the sales will really sway one format or the other.

But, that said, since the argument comes up often enough, I thought I’d share:

Japanese porn industry embraces Blu-ray Disc.
Japanese adult film makers have turned decisively to Blu-ray Disc, breathing new life into its bid to replace DVDs as the disc of choice for home movies.

The article does repeat some fallacies about the US market. “HD DVD has already won over the U.S. adult film industry” is just plain hogwash. Let me check… Oh, yeah, really tearing up the market. HD DVD is leading Blu-ray in releases 4:1. Of course, that’s a total of *12* HD DVD releases and *3* Blu-ray releases. And one of those is on both formats. Really nothing that’s going to turn the tide there. Japan already has 10 adult BD releases with more on the way, and just one adult HD DVD release. I just don’t thing adult films are going to matter that much in this format war – not compared to the weight of Fox, Disney, and Sony on one side and just Universal on the other.

And the HD DVD camp has been pumping out their spin on recent news, of course. They’re downplaying the announcements from BJ’s Wholesale Club and Blockbuster, and continuing to beat the only drum they really have left – that HD DVD is “more affordable”. Yes, the cheapest HD DVD player is less expensive than the cheapest BD player, no argument. But the higher grade players are roughly comparable in features and price, and on the low-end the price gap continues to narrow. Toshiba is subsidizing their HD DVD players to gain sales, which keeps them cheap. But I expect the prices to be fairly close going into the holiday season, I think Sony will drop the price on their low-end BDP-S300, and probably offer some kind of further promo. Even with a price advantage on the low-end players, HD DVD is falling behind BD in total adoption – more BD movies continue to be sold. The PS3 is a large part of that.

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  • weaktwos

    Yes, your arguments are compelling. I really do like the increased capacity of the blu-ray discs.

    We’ll see if I decide to buy a third gaming console (the ps3), or get a blu-ray player separately.