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TiVo may never launch in Australia?

An article in The Australian entitled “TiVo won’t succeed, says pay-TV exec” contains a lot of doom and gloom comments about the planned TiVo launch in Australia in 2008: Mr Leach sought to allay concerns about ad-skipping during a digital … Continue reading

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Well, this is an interesting coincidence

Hot on the heels of the Paramount/DreamWorks HD DVD announcement, in which they were careful to specifically except Steven Spielberg’s films from the HD DVD exclusivity, comes this article on MSNBC. Could Paramount Pictures (VIA) lose Steven Spielberg and the … Continue reading

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Blu-ray / HD DVD cold war turns hot

The BD / HD DVD ‘war’ has been something of a cold war for a while, with both sides probing the other and not much actual shooting going on. Mainly just trading marketing jabs and quotes in the press. Last … Continue reading

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