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I promised a “defining” moment last newsletter and that moment has arrived: The TiVo® Series3™ HD Digital Media Recorder is here! Welcome to High Definition Heaven…

You can read more of the exciting details on this incredible box below, but first, as a TiVo subscriber who currently owns a TiVo box with Product Lifetime service, we want to thank you for your loyalty with a very special offer–an exception to a rule when you buy the NEW TiVo Series3 HD box. For a limited time, transfer your Product Lifetime service from a Series1 or Series2 box to the new Series3 HD for only $199. As an added bonus, we’ll keep TiVo service activated on your old box for another 12 months for no additional charge.

I’m fairly certain you realize Product Lifetime service is no longer a payment option for new TiVo service activations, so let’s be very clear: This truly is VIP pricing for VIP customers–a one-time Upgrade Offer for our most loyal subscribers. And only our most loyal subscribers. This is huge. I’d do it if I were you.

Read on, watch the Showcase video ready-and-waiting on TiVo Central, and get ready to rock your home theater with the highest quality, high-definition entertainment experience possible. Only with TiVo.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go shopping: It’s finally time to get myself an HD television!

Series3ly yours,


P.S. It’s a limited first run, so hurry—snag one of your own before the holiday madness! There’s been great (pent-up, is probably the word) demand for the TiVo Series3™ HD, so we want subscribers to have first dibs! And spread the word with friends by sending them this youtube.com link (Since it’s a red-carpet announcement, I’m wearing exactly what I wore to the Emmy® awards…).

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Spotlight’s on… TiVo Series3™ HD DVR

See CBS’s “The Class” First with TiVo!

TiVo Rewards

Oh, Fantasy Football Fanatics…

Eureka! Find Great Entetainment with Colin Ferguson

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TiVo subscribers will be the first in the nation to see the hot, new CBS comedy “The Class” as early as a full week before its premiere on live TV. Over the next few days, keep your eye on TiVo Central for a menu item called “View new CBS comedy THE CLASS” and make TV history by watching a new fall TV show before the general public.

Additionally, you’ll be able to view sneak preview clips and receive exclusive footage and information on three more of CBS’s most eagerly anticipated new shows: Jericho starring Skeet Ulrich and Gerald McRaney, Smith starring Ray Liotta and Virginia Madsen, and Shark starring James Woods and Jeri Ryan.

And we’ve made it as easy as a remote click to record the premieres of all four CBS shows. Consider it our little digital way of saying, “Happy Fall TV to You!”

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to check out our Fall TV Guide for more ways to catch the best of Fall TV.

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Now you can check your player news, your team, the scoreboard, and easily make lineup changes during the week without leaving the comfort of your couch! Is Big Ben out for two weeks or just one? How is TO’s hammy?

Under “Music, Photos, Products, & More” TiVo is kicking off a new, uber-cool online feature that will enable you to keep up to speed in real time with your CBS SportsLine Fantasy Football league. You’ll get live updates. At a Glance standings and rosters. The truly addicted will even be able to switch between multiple leagues.

So sign up now! Set up your league, and draft your players. It’s not too late to get started!

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Eureka! Find Great Entertainment with Colin Ferguson

You may remember him from guest-star spots on shows like Malcolm in the Middle, Becker, and Crossing Jordan, but now TiVo subscribers love him as a U.S. Marshall in the quirky Sci-Fi network series Eureka! (one of the Top 50 Season Pass™ recordings). Colin Ferguson was kind enough to kick back for a CouchTime interview so you can get to know him TiVo subscriber to TiVo subscriber.

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TiVo Fan Mail

TiVo subscriber Sean was stone-cold serious about his summer travels and sent us this picture to prove it.

“Driving across country, while an adventure, can sometimes be a lonely endeavor. With this in my mind, my friend and I decided to bring our TiVo figure along for the ride. While not much of a conversationalist, his smile always conveyed a needed sense of optimism. Just moments earlier the entire face of Mt. Rushmore was obscured by a thick cloud of fog. After traveling 1,500 miles, this was a bit of a letdown. Just as our hopes were sinking and we started to head back to the car, the fog lifted. Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln were once again looking at us from their rocky perch. So TiVo did a little dance in celebration.”

Send us a story or photo of your favorite
TiVo moment so we can RECORD our genealogy–from TiVo birthday cakes to
TiVo tattoos.

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  • weaktwos

    Oh man.

    Oh man oh man.

    I wonder if they’ll get the other features working within 12 months?

    Damn them. Now it seems almost appealing to get one.

  • weaktwos

    Of course, I ache a bit because I don’t like Comcast service in my area. I’m a DirectTV subscriber. For less channels, comcast is more expensive. Grumble.