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An Easter Egg on TiVo’s website

Over at TiVoCommunity.com, user stevedavios posted about an odd video he found on TiVo’s website: http://www.tivo.com/bluemoon Remember, TiVo first shipped on a Blue Moon, and there is now an annual corporate holiday called Blue Moon to commemorate that. This looks … Continue reading

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Blu-ray Disc launch line-up revealed to Europeans

The Blu-ray Disc next-generation optical disc format will launch in Europe this coming Christmas backed by a raft of content from the major studios, the Blu-ray Disc Association said yesterday.

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Pioneer to ship combo Blu-ray/HD DVD burner next year

Pioneer will follow up the release of its… er… pioneering Blu-ray Disc recorder with an updated model that supports dual-layer media, it has emerged. And the company said it is planning to offer a version that can also handle HD … Continue reading

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To combat ‘NFL exodus,’ church subsidizes TiVos

Sometimes while scouring the net for TiVo news I find some interesting stuff. For Red Oak Nazarene church, autumn attendance rises and falls on the Cleveland Browns’ football schedule. “There’s nothing like preaching to a half-full sanctuary on opening day,” … Continue reading

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TiVo Series 3 Unboxed

It looks like someone got their hands on a TiVo Series3 in the production packaging. And they posted photos of it on PVRWire. A little teaser.

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