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TiVo Subscriber Newsletter� |� Volume 90

Letter from the Editor
August’s over already?! Good thing we made it outrageously easy to catch all the season premieres, including new shows and old favorites, with new TiVo Guru Guide recommendations, queued up and ready for your instant-gratification, online-scheduling pleasure (better get that network adapter, huh?). Or, if you’re picky about your premieres and only want to schedule one or two, we’ve listed the entire Fall TV premiere schedule in chronological order so you can do your own thing—whatever that thing may be.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for a defining moment, oh yes. Watch your e-mail Inbox. Your TiVo Central screen. The twinkling eyes of your best TiVo friend.

Coy? Me?

P.S. This was fun: Jim Barton, the father of TiVo technology, received enthusiastic applause and a 2006 Emmy�® award last week to the beat of a TiVo “Bloop.” The show’s producers decided to fill the Shrine Auditorium with the familiar sound effect just before the TiVo service was announced as winner. Clever, that Academy!

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TiVo Tip: Season Passâ„¢ Alert
What happens when the WB network merges with the UPN network? Apparently, a new network called CW is born. If you have a favorite WB or UPN show, here’s how to safeguard against missing an episode during the naming transition:
  • Review your Season Passâ„¢ recordings for UPN or WB programs
  • Create a TITLE WishList�® search for each of those shows, entering the exact title. Use the PAUSE button for quotes to indicate exact phrase—and don’t worry about apostrophes. (example: “AMERICAS TOP MODEL”; “ONE TREE HILL”, “EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS”, “VERONICA MARS”, etc.)
  • Select “Auto-record”
  • Select “View Upcoming Programs” to ensure the programs you want are being recorded
  • If necessary, edit the Title WishList search

Once the merger is complete (around Sept. 18), and after you ensure your CW Season Pass recordings are still appearing in your To Do List, you can delete your WishList searches. For more information on how to use WishList searches, go to Using WishList Searches.

Bonus Tip: Superfans of said show may want to keep WishList searches, as they’re an excellent way to catch specials, retrospectives, and interviews with cast members on talk shows.

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You’re Invited: It’s not too late!

You’ve spread the word, shared the love, and shown us your passion for the TiVo service—and even gave us this brilliant idea: Now we’re inviting you to apply to be amongst the first TiVo fans to host an official TiVo House Party. Many of you have already signed up to apply to be a host. Qualifying applicants should prepare for an out-of-TiVo box experience filled with exclusive party favors, special offers, and plenty of fun! Don’t miss out on this inaugural event which will kick-off on September 30! Secure your role as host before the call for applications closes. Remember, this is only for TiVo subscribers. Learn more now!

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Limited Edition TiVo�® Laptop Messenger Bag

Point Value: 8,000 points

ON SALE – 20% OFF: Just in time for back-to-school shopping. Why not look hip as you’re luggin’ around that laptop?

Need to remind some friends they need a TiVo�® box of their own? Send one of these postcards and maybe you’ll score some TiVo Rewardsâ„¢ points while you’re at it.
TiVo�® KidZone Corner

Get the TV that’s good for you with TiVo KidZone Guides!

Wondering what “TiVo Presents E/I Programming” is all about? It’s a KidZone Guide dedicated to ‘Educational and Informational’ programming for kids—programs the broadcaster deems particularly beneficial for children, having positive effects on their social development as well as emotional and cognitive well-being. Turns out research over the past decade confirms that E/I programming can positively influence a child’s readiness to start school and do well.

What a smart idea, those TiVo KidZone Guides! Have a browse.

Curious about the origin of E/I programming? Guidelines adopted by the FCC in 2004 required broadcasters to air E/I programming for children, ages 16 and under, for a minimum of three hours per week. You can recognize such a program by the on-screen “watermark,” a uniform E/I symbol that appears throughout the duration of the show.

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Parents’ Choice: Vote Here
What shows do you welcome into YOUR living room for the whole family to enjoy?

It’s a special invitation from a TiVo�® KidZone partner—Parents’ Choice Foundation—to vote in the Parents’ Choice Awards in Children’s and Family Television!

Your valued participation includes viewing a predetermined list of age-appropriate programs and answering a few questions about each show a few times per year. TiVo parents that qualify will be a part of the voting academy that determines the winners. Learn more about this exciting opportunity!

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TiVo Fan Mail
Wampuss – as in “kattwampuss,” an old expression – is reportedly enjoying her new TiVo house in Kaysville, Utah.

Send us a story or photo of your favorite TiVo moment so we can RECORD our genealogy—from TiVo birthday cakes to TiVo tattoos.

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TiVo Most-Recorded Shows

Wondering what your fellow TiVo�® subscribers are recording? We’ve got the weekly round-up, any week you want it, at tivo.com.

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