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Sony, Samsung show off Blu-ray PC kit

Sony will ship its anticipated internal Blu-ray Disc burner in the US in August, the electronics giant’s North American division said yesterday. Separately, one the company’s Blu-ray backing chums, Samsung, unveiled its first PC with an integrated BD-ROM drive.

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TiVo to enter China in August

TiVo will extend its marketing of DVRs (digital video recorders) from Taiwan, its first market in Asia, to China next month, according to TiVo’s Taiwan and Asia sales agent TGC. Looks like they’ll start off in Shanghai, where they’ve partnered … Continue reading

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TiVo confirms Series3 is in field test – and coming out ‘soon’

I picked this up from ZatzNotFunny. The FCC has posted a letter received from TiVo which includes some Series3 info. (PDF) There is also mention of TiVo’s efforts to encourage the FCC to require cable companies to provide equal access … Continue reading

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Sony Unveils First Blu-ray Disc Drive Burner


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