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  • anonymous

    This is off-topic, but I have a question regarding the Series2 DT….

    Since this DT can record 2 shows at once, can I flip between the shows?
    I’m assuming that they both appear in the menu as recording, and I can choose which one I want to watch and even flip between them, without any loss. Is that correct? Or is it choose one and stay on that channel?


  • megazone

    Yes, you can toggle between the two tuners.

  • anonymous

    Thanks. Next stupid question. (I have an old 40 hour series 2, and I’m debating what to upgrade,as it just isn’t cutting it anymore)

    I’d like to burn my Tivo shows to a cd. I know that it can be done via a pc and cd-burner, but I’m also wondering if I buy a combo vcr/dvd burner, will that be able to perform the same function? I know Tivo records to tape, so I’m assuming I’ll be able to save write to dvd. Is that correct? Or do I have to buy a special tivo with the dvd-burner?

    Thanks for the help…

  • megazone

    With any networked Series2 you can copy the shows to a PC, then edit and burn them there.

    You can attach a standalone DVD-burner to the TiVo using the A/V output from the TiVo, just as you would a VCR. The downside is that you’ll have some quality loss as the show has to go through and other digital-analog-digital conversion cycle as the TiVo converts it to analog for output, then the recorder recompresses the analog input to digital for burning on the DVD. It also means the transfer is in realtime – an hour show takes an hour to go from the TiVo to the standalone burner, and you can’t watch anything else on the TiVo while that is going on.

    With the DVD burning TiVo it is a digital copy from the drive to the DVD on the internal burner. And it happens a 4x speed, and you can watch other shows while burning a DVD. With network transfers you can also watch other shows while the transfer is progressing.

  • anonymous

    Thanks. Last stupid question. I might have asked you this already, but do you see Tivo providing a DT with DVD burning capabilities?

    Thanks for all your help, BTW.

  • megazone

    At this point I’ve seen no indication of a DT with DVD burner. Not that it won’t happen, just that I’ve not heard anything about one.

  • anonymous

    OK, so I wasn’t done…

    I am trying out a dvd burner now, but from what I can read, everyone says to hook the outputs on the tivo to the input of the dvd recorder. I tried that, and the Tivo itself stopped working. Those connections were into the TV – wouldn’t that break the tivo connection itself?

    Sorry if this is stupid…

  • megazone

    Well, you need to keep the chain. TiVo output to DVD burner input. DVD burner output to TV input. So the TiVo signal still reaches the TV, but it passes through the burner.

  • anonymous

    IT WORKS!!!

    Awesome. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

    Now, if I by a DT, will the functionality remain the same?

  • megazone

    Yep, they work exactly the same – just with two tuners.