Tom Rogers, CEO & President of TiVo, at DEMXPO

Yesterday Tom Rogers spoke at The Digital Entertainment & Media Expo (DEMXPO). has an entry about this which includes a link to an MP3 of the talk.

There were a few factoids in the talk that I found interesting. Approximately 70% of TiVo viewing involves ad skipping, either fast forward or 30 second skip. TiVo users average 350 remote control clicks per household per day. And over 25% of TiVo standalone systems are currently connected to broadband, and it is increasing. (And will probably increase more rapidly as more broadband features give users an incentive to network the TiVo.)

I picked up on this from a mention in, which transcribed Rogers’ Ten TiVo Commandments for the Ad Industry:

1) DVRs are here to stay
2) We’ve moved from an era of choice to control
3) Scale, in terms people available on the platform, already exists
4) Ad skipping is here to stay
5) Ad community no longer sees TiVo as a pariah
6) Large number of advertisers are already engaged with TiVo
7) TiVo is a good way of getting consumer to act
8) New and unique ad features will be produced for television
9) Pausing live TV is the key to all ad initiatives in a DVR platform
10) Measurement and accountability will grow in importance

Bonus commandment:
11) Search capability will come to television

Rogers also reiterated some of the points from the financial call – the continuing work on Comcast’s TiVo platform and pursuing other cable MSOs for deals, TiVo being the only real DVR solution for analog cable and antenna users, and TiVo partnering with rural cable companies to allow them to offer a DVR to answer the competition from satellite providers who have DVRs, etc.

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