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How to reverse clipping

Thanks to EBF on TiVoCommunity.com: If you go to the To Do List and find a show that will be clipped (marked with a * next to the time). Select the program and pick Change Recording Options. Under Start/Stop Recording … Continue reading

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How to tell if a new TiVo has 7.2 or better before opening the box

TiVo released the 7.2 software a couple of months ago, and that introduced network Guided Setup, which completely eliminated the need for a phone line. However, the retail channel is still packed with pre-7.2 boxes. But there is a way … Continue reading

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Helping out new TiVo owners

A lot of people will probably be getting TiVos for the holidays this year – and a lot of them will probably have questions and issues getting them setup and really using the features. If the members of this community … Continue reading

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