How to reverse clipping

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If you go to the To Do List and find a show that will be clipped (marked with a * next to the time). Select the program and pick Change Recording Options. Under Start/Stop Recording you should see that the show will be clipped. Change this to Start/Stop On Time. Save your changes. You should then see the conflict confirmation screen offering to clip the other show. Now the other show will be the one clipped instead!

That’s a pretty neat trick. Especially when the end of a program is going to be clipped – usually better to clip the start of the next instead.

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  • furplay1

    I have a problem with shows being clipped when there *isn’t* another show to be recorded. As in the time is off.

    Forcing a connection to TiVo doesn’t fix it either – every show has 3 minutes of crap in front of it and the back is cut off.

    I don’t want to have to manually adjust the stop time of every show and besides that doesn’t work with season pass.

  • megazone

    It sounds like the station isn’t keeping correct time – starting shows early or late. That happens to me sometimes too, especially late nights some channels seem to get sloppy.

    The clock in the TiVo is highly accurate, it is set from the national atomic clock sources every time it calls home. But it doesn’t help when a channel’s time is off.

    You can adjust a Season Pass – at least adding time (padding) to the start and/or end is possible.