A bunch of grainy photos and some more news

Unfortunately I don’t own a digital camera (been meaning to buy one for a long time), I normally use the 2MP camera on my Sony Clie NZ-90 – which has decided to stop working just recently, of course. So I’m reduced to using my camera phone. I took a few pics at the TiVo booth – I wish I had a better camera.

First up – they were displaying a few portable media players that work with TiVoToGo. It sounds like they expect to have the full support in 60 days or so.
TiVo AMD Portable
The AMD reference design. The unit can talk directly to TiVo over a network and transfer recordings directly to the PMP.
TiVo PoGo Portable
The PoGo! Products PMP – I’ve posted the press release already. I believe this is based on the AMD chip.
TiVo Creative Portable
This is a Creative PMP. This one doesn’t talk directly to the TiVo, but it was there to demonstrate content trans-coded on a PC. So you’d pull the files to the PC using TTG, then re-encode them to WMV9 for the PMP. How long that would take depends on the PC.

One of the other new products they were showing is from Humax. The Humax LT2650. That’s a 26-inch 16:9 LCD TV with an integrated TiVo/DVD recorder. Basically it is a TV with the DRT800 built right in. I can’t find the press release on TiVo’s site, nor on Humax’s site, but I have a paper copy so I’ll probably type that in later.
TiVo Humax LT2650 TV-TiVo combo Sign next to Tivo Humax LT2650

Of course, one of the big reports from the show is a CableCARD HD TiVo. They had two units at the show – one revolving in a case, and the other hooked up and working. They seem to be just a bit bigger than the normal units, and for prototypes they’re very well finished. It is *DUAL TUNER* – it can record digital or analog cable and OTA ATSC HDTV. They’ve also incorporated a 10/100baseT Ethernet port, and the USB2.0 ports are still there as well. For HD output it supports HDMI and component video.
Sign for CableCARD TiVo

The front of the unit:
Front of TiVo CableCARD unit Front of TiVo CableCARD unit

The back of the unit:
Back of TiVo CableCARD unit Back of TiVo CableCARD unit

The two slots that look like two PCMCIA/PC Card slots are the CableCARD slots. They do plan to use the Two-Way specification, as it is expected to be finalized late this year. The current design has two slots, but they’re hoping the Multi-Stream spec will be completed, then they could do dual tuner with just one slot and one card – which would reduce cost for manufacturing and for consumers (since you rent the card from the cable company). Details like the size of the drive, pricing, etc, are still unknown as it is still in the very early prototype stage. There may be different models at different price points.

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