TiVo Partners with Microsoft, Sonic, and AMD to Offer Solutions that Extend the TiVoToGoâ„¢ Experience

TiVo Partnerships Enable Portability of Entertainment That Can’t Be Found on Generic DVRs

TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO) said today that it is collaborating with leaders in technology to extend the innovative TiVoToGoâ„¢ service enhancement to enable portability to multiple devices. The company began rolling out the TiVoToGo service enhancement to subscribers this week and will work with Microsoft, Sonic, and AMD respectively, to enable consumers to take their entertainment with them wherever they go, to watch whenever they want.

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  • benclark

    Wait a sec… did I just read that TiVo is working alongside Microsoft? I assume this is just for DRM, right?

  • megazone

    Windows Media/DRM, yes. They’re also working with Apple for the Mac users. But there are a growing number of Windows Powered Portable Media Players. TiVo wants you to be able to transfer shows from your TiVo to your PC, and then from there to your PMP, Smart Phone, etc. So they’re working with MS to make it easy.

    The fact that Bill Gates included TiVo in his CES keynote is a *BIG DEAL*, that’s a significant coup for TiVo since his keynote is the biggest event of the show.

  • benclark

    Oh, I think a Gates endorsement will definitely increase the chances of TiVo’s survival in the coming years, so as far as that goes, it’s a good thing.

    I guess I don’t understand the PMP concept just yet. I hope it has a market, because a lot of companies seem to be really excited about it, but I haven’t yet met a DVR user who would want one.

  • megazone

    I don’t know that I’d like a dedicated PMP – but then, I didn’t really see the need for a dedicated digital music player either. Now I have an iPod and I don’t know why everyone doesn’t own one. :-)

  • benclark

    Good point.. What I was hoping for was a way my friends could send me shows and movies that I didn’t record on my own, not a way I could take shows I’ve already recorded with me when I go places. But, I’m sure I’ll see the light eventually.

  • megazone

    Well, that should be coming too. Remember, TiVo got FCC approval for TTG for that – sharing between units on the net. The proposal is to allow you to setup a network of 10 units, for limited sharing – to avoid the legal problems of open sharing with anyone. So a small ‘friends and family’ network. If they don’t announce something at CES before I get the chance, I plan to ask them about that.

  • benclark

    I had forgotten about that! Okay, so I’m not as disappointed now. I like the idea of the 10 unit network. (They should try something like that with music, too.) So, I guess it’s a bit of a “wait and see” holding pattern right now for us end users, eh?

  • psuedomeat

    Mac better get off it’s ass and make it’s deal get done. I want to be able to use tivo to go on my new powerbook, since it’s got the burner and all.

  • jsciv

    TiVo’s stock is up almost 6.5% today so far….