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Letter from the Editor

My bet: As you read this, we’re in Las Vegas for the
Electronics Show
(Jan. 6-9), showcasing our latest innovations for
2005 (the much anticipated TiVoToGo™ feature is here!). You, instead,
are far away from stale convention center air, able to consume the all-you-can-eat
news in the comfort of your own home or office online. Who’s the lucky

Hit me,

P.S. Post the holiday season, may we extend a very warm welcome to those
of you new to the TiVo community! We’d hug you if we could.

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valign="top" bgcolor="#ffffff" height="214"> color="#ff9900">Yes, Virginia, There Is a DVR
And, P.S.,
It’s called TiVo, natch. While you as a TiVo subscriber are already a believer,
faith arrived just in the nick of time for nearly 2,000 fed-up Comcast subscribers
in the Bay Area who began lining up outside TiVo headquarters at 4:00 a.m.
Friday, December 17th for a free TiVo box (the giveaway started at 11 a.m.).
Fueled by frustration over Comcast’s promises unfulfilled (namely, a functional
and available version of its DVR), Comcast customers turned to TiVo Inc.
for the real-deal. Those that arrived on-site with a copy of their cable
bill and a new toy or article of clothing to donate to the Family Giving
Tree Charity walked away with a brand-new 40-hour TiVo box and holiday cheer
for the whole family. Meet
the man
who got the last box.
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TiVoToGo Has Arrived!
So you want to transfer your recorded programs to your PC so you can watch
them anywhere, right? Done! As part of your regular paid TiVo service
subscription, all TiVo Series2? boxes — except those with DVD recorders
— will be automatically updated through a scheduled rollout process
to include TiVoToGo?, a brand-new home media feature only available with
TiVo service!
Remember: you’ll
need to have your TiVo box connected
to your home network for this feature to work.

  • In fact, some of you may have it
    already. You can find out if you’ve received the new software update
  • If you haven’t but are jonesin’,
    add your name to the priority
    so we know you’re ready-and-waiting.

about the TiVoToGo feature.

Coming soon! Build your own media library by burning TiVoToGo transferred
shows to DVD with the purchase of Sonic’s MyDVD software. TiVo subscribers
can try it free on or around 1/15/05. Sign
up now
to be notified when the free trial is available.

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color="#ff9900">Recommend It!
size="2">Find out why Chris K. insists this
is a must for anyone who enjoyed Johnny Quest, devoured The Hardy
Boys or loved the late lamented The Tick. And… did he really say its
one of the funniest shows since — D’oh! — The Simpsons?!

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bgcolor="#ffffff"> color="#ff9900">Overheard
size="2">“You might be wondering how TiVo differs from the DVRs you’ve been hearing
so much about from your local cable company. Bottom line: It’s not TiVo.”

— reporter Melissa Ruggieri, cutting to the chase, in an article for
the Richmond Times Dispatch (Dec.,19, 2004)

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color="#ff9900"> TiVo® Tip: Weather or Not

size="2">Subscribers like
Michael M. and Mitch S. say you’ll warm to this TiVo tip immediately, especially
if you live in a region where weather dictates whether or not you can even
leave the house. "When the weather is bad, TiVo guarantees I don’t
miss the list of affected schools," explains Michael.

Here’s how he does it:

  • From "Pick Programs to Record," select "Record by
    Time or Channel," then "Manually Record Time/Channel."
  • Locate the Weather Channel or choose a station that airs your favorite
    morning show and select "Repeating," and "Every Mon-Fri."
  • "To save disk space, I set it to record only 5 minutes (the minimum)
    at the lowest quality," explains Mitch. (Once the TiVo box is tuned
    to the desired channel, Mitch uses the standard cache to fast-forward
    or rewind as necessary.)
  • Finally, Mitch opts to set ‘Keep at Most’ to 1 so that the most recent
    broadcast always automatically bumps the old.

Do you have a favorite TiVo tip of your own? Don’t leave us out in the
cold! Share, share.

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You Ask, We Answer

Q: I am very excited to try out
my new TiVo box. Where can I go if I need help setting it up?

A: In addition to the very helpful Getting Started Poster
and User Guide included with the packaging, our Customer
website has lots of information about setting up and using your
new TiVo box. There are answers to common issues dealing with setup, channel
changing, phone or network issues, channel lineup issues, and using the
features of the TiVo service.

We also have a Help Forum
that allows TiVo customers to share information with each other. Get quick
answers to all those questions by searching the forums or by creating a
new post. You would be amazed at how much collective knowledge the forum
members have.

Also, don’t forget that once you finish Guided Setup you can also connect
your TiVo box to your home network, which will enable the Home Media features
, Digital
, Online
and TiVoToGo.
If you have more than one TiVo box, you will also be able to use the Multi-Room
feature to transfer programs between TiVo boxes in your home.
See the list of network adapters that are compatible with your TiVo box
and find
in getting everything connected. The complete Home Media Feature
guide (PDF format) can be downloaded from
Just click on your model and then click "Home Media Feature Guide."

If you ever need to make any change to your account, such as your contact
information, or your credit card details, or switch from monthly to product
lifetime service, visit Manage
My Account
. It’s quick and available 24 hours a day.

Enjoy life with your new TiVo box! If you have a general question that you
would like to see answered in a future column, email
the editor
(no customer support e-mails, please).

Remember, you can get help with most of your technical questions by visiting
our support website.
You can also find answers and share know-how in these web-based
help forums
. For account-related issues, you must use Manage
My Account
or give us a call.

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The TiVo Top 25 Season Pass™ rankings
are based on anonymous, aggregated data, for the week ending 12/26/04.

1. Desperate

2. The

3. CSI:
Crime Scene Investigation

4. Lost
5. ER

See the TiVo Top 25 in its entirety

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our online Customer
. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this
newsletter, e-mail the editor. (Unfortunately,
due to volume received, not every e-mail can be answered.) Update your e-mail
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