TiVo goes mobile with new free service

TiVo isn’t just for couch potatoes anymore.

The box that has become synonymous with digital recording of television programs now has a mobile companion, the TiVoToGo service, for more restless viewers. The service, announced Monday, allows subscribers to transfer programs to laptops–as long as copyright protections are in place.

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  • mhaithaca

    I’ve already e-mailed to tell them they’d have sold me a Series2 box this week if they’d shipped the new service with a working Mac client. I know CES was the drop-dead deadline, but they should have either had a Mac client ready to go out the door, or had a better answer than “we’re working on it!” (At this point, they should be ready for a public beta if not a final product.)

    The intersection of TiVo users and Mac users is apparently unusually large, so I think they’re aware they need to do this. Wonder what the holdup was.

  • megazone

    From what I’ve heard – Apple is the holdup.

  • mhaithaca

    Then I should also drop Apple a note to say “Hm, I’m thinking about getting a Wintel box to go with my TiVo.”

  • eryn_

    I see. They’re distributing crippled software to transfer stuff we already have between devices inconveniently. Sure it’s a good idea, but it’s not really where I think the development time should have been spent.

    I know the software has to be crippled or they’ll go out of business, but they might as well have sold laptop cards bundled with a TiVo license and dodged the stand-alone device entirely. It makes about as much sense. If they’re going to add high-end features, they might as well make a high-end portable device entirely.