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TiVo Subscriber Newsletter | Volume 58
Letter from the Editor

What looks like a peanut, has a smooth, velvety feel, and is violet in color (precisely the same purple as the “o” in the oh-so-cute TiVo logo)?

A brand-new addition to our growing list of TiVo rewards, that’s what. This TiVo replacement remote control is a limited-edition TiVo Rewards exclusive and it can be yours for only 3,500 TiVo Points. Or it can be mine, if you kindly use your great surplus of points
to send one to me. As someone who nearly drooled on the prototype, I can assure you this puppy is one you’d be proud to have in your living room (and I don’t usually
have a thing for remote controls, I swear).

So, if you haven’t already, register now for TiVo Rewards and start earning TiVo Points towards a new TiVo® box (yes, including the much-coveted NEW DVD Recorder with TiVo), exclusive TiVo merchandise and much more. We know you share your love for the TiVo service with friends and family all the time so let us reward
you for it. Plus, with all that holiday shopping coming round the bend, now would be a perfect time to apply for the TiVo MasterCard® card so you can also get TiVo Points for spending money.

To many happy REWINDS,

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Kids’ Corner
“Recently we found a new way to use TiVo,” writes the Ludwig family. “My son had an assignment to write a report on a
science TV show. We recorded his program of choice and he used his laptop to take notes as the show was playing. He could pause and rewind as needed. He wrote a
great report, and we wanted to say thanks for the homework help!”

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Hitting a Target
Have you heard?
Just in time to make Santa very jolly,
Target is the latest big retailer to start selling TiVo boxes, adding the TiVo® Series2™ DVR to their menu of consumer
electronics products. And just in case you were wondering, other major retail chains selling TiVo recorders include Best Buy, Circuit City, Sam’s Club,
Costco, CompUSA, Dell, Tweeter, Ultimate Electronics, Fry’s and the Good Guys.

Recommend It!
“While doing a WishListâ„¢
keyword search on my husband’s native Pittsburgh, I came across a show called If Walls Could Talk,” writes Rachel M. from Virginia Beach,
VA. “The series spotlights old homes and their history as discovered by the new owners during the process of refurbishing and redecorating. Sometimes
they come across old newspapers and letters, even a diary, other times it’s ornate, hand-carved woodwork or even old stairwells and rooms that tell the
story.” To top it off, Rachel says, the HGTV program is hosted by “the hunky” Grant Goodeve (think eldest son David from Eight is Enough).
“If you enjoy Antiques Roadshow and love to learn the history behind things, then If Walls Could Talk is for you,” says Rachel. But even if
you’re not interested in history and the stories behind old homes, Rachel promises that it’s still worth a peek: “Check it out for Grant Goodeve,”
she adds. “He hasn’t aged a day!”
Upcoming segments of If Walls Could Talk include a story on a stash of mementos from the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair discovered in an 1896
Colonial Revival mansion. Meanwhile, homeowners Sandy and Tom Hall in Ohio build up a collection of artifacts by tearing down a kitchen wall of their
1874 Second Empire house. Feel free to
schedule a recording for If Walls Could Talk and let me know: Does it speak to you?

Got an opinion on great TV? Recommend it to your fellow subscribers with a compelling pitch that includes a few reasons why the show is a standout. We’ll
feature a new recommendation every newsletter.

TiVo® Tip: The “Forty-Winks” PAUSE
Here’s an unusual tip for power (nap) users, e-mailed to this
dubious editor by subscribers Scott S. and Rich D., who have apparently gotten very cozy with the idea of using the TiVo service as an alarm clock. Yep.
If you ever find yourself drifting off to sleep on the couch while watching TV, but don’t want to call it a night, press PAUSE on your TiVo remote, they
say, and do what sleepyheads do best. Thirty minutes later, when TiVo automatically resumes play (in live TV mode), the sound of the show should rouse you
from your precious R.E.M. Wanting a shorter slumber? Try the TiVo button. After 15 minutes on TiVo Central, the TiVo service will automatically default to
live TV to stir you from your siesta. For best results, Rich suggest you turn up the volume a tad to ensure the job gets done. (Just to be clear:
The “power nap” is not a supported feature; TiVo Inc. is not responsible for unattended Saturday afternoon chores and/or incomplete family
errands due to never-ending napping and/or use of a TiVo “snooze-button” technique.) Got a clever suggestion of your own? Be a TiVo tipster and tell us how YOU use the TiVo service to get what you want.

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You Ask, We Answer
Q. I recently got a new credit card and now need to update the one that my TiVo service is billed to. What is
the easiest way to let TiVo know about my new card? —Sharon in Fresno.

A. Thanks for being so proactive, Sharon. You can update your credit card information online 24 hours a day at
In fact, Manage My Account allows you to update a variety of account- and billing-related changes, including the ability to:

  • Activate TiVo service on a new TiVo box (you know you want another one!)
  • View billing history for your account
  • Name your DVRs for your Multi-Room Viewing preferences
  • Change your billing option from monthly to product lifetime
  • Update your address and phone number

Remember, also online at is TiVo Central Online — if you have a networked TiVo box, you can schedule programs online while you are away from home.
Check it out at Enjoy!

Remember, you can get help with most of your technical questions by visiting our support website. Or find answers and share know-how in these web-based help forums. For account-related issues, you must use Manage My Account or give us a call.

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TiVo Top 10
Here are the top 10 WishListâ„¢ Actor rankings among TiVo subscribers, based on anonymous, aggregated data, for the week ending 10/10/04.

1. Harrison Ford
2. Tom Hanks
3. Julia Roberts
4. Clint Eastwood
5. Tom Cruise
6. Cary Grant
7. Al Pacino
8. Johnny Depp
9. Robert DeNiro
10. Sean Connery

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Just in time for the holiday season, TiVo and Humax bring you a winning combination: A DVD-Recorder with TiVo®. Think of it as THREE products in one:

  • An 80-hour TiVo DVR
  • A progressive scan DVD player
  • An easy-to-use DVD recorder

Get everything you already love about the TiVo service, including our newest home media features, PLUS:

  • Play AND burn DVDs
  • Burned DVDs include TiVo interface, even when played back on a different DVD player
  • A Digital Video front input means you can burn home movies from a camcorder to DVD. Only $399* after $100 mail-in rebate! Learn more at

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