Wired Magazine TiVo Interview

Has TiVo Forsaken Us?

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  • shadoh

    suck!! Damn cop-outs.

  • psuedomeat

    tivo has always taken the road to least litigation. I do believe the pussy foot around. It’s caused them market share to those that do file share, and I doubt it hasn’t really saved them much money.
    They need to go for the jugular like VCR’s did in the 80′s.

  • miguelitof

    It was surprising, but shouldn’t have been. TiVo has done a good job of balancing the interests of their users with the demands of content creators. This is just more of the same. I can’t say I’m happy about it, but it won’t effect me currently, so it’s a useless unhappiness.

  • seriouslyuguys

    As soon as they tighten their grip on something I actually watch, I’ll build myself a MythTV box.

  • howief

    I saw the news, but I didn’t realize it was Macrovision.. Weren’t they the ones behind the TurboTax scandal that just about brought Intuit down because a lot of people switched to other tax programs? I know that part of that was they threw in an “extra” piece with the copy protection. It made your CD burner kind of inoperative even after the original TurboTax was uninstalled. I can just see our Pioneer burners going out. Maybe the Tivo Underground will come up with something….