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Blockbuster On Demand Abruptly Pulled From TiVo And Other Platforms

Last Thursday, just after returning from my honeymoon, I received this as a tip from a reader, William: Dear William, We have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that, as of 3/31/12, the Blockbuster app … Continue reading

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Blockbuster Joins ‘Em Since They Can’t Beat ‘Em

Back in August of 2007 Blockbuster jumped into digital movie distribution by acquiring Movielink. However, they’ve failed to set the world on fire with their digital distribution service, trailing far behind Netflix, Amazon VOD, and CinemaNow. CinemaNow has enjoyed a … Continue reading

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CinemaNow Coming To More Connected Devices

Sonic, the owners of CinemaNow, have released a new CinemaNow SDK to make it easier for 3rd party vendors to build CinemaNow support into their devices. Along with this, Sonic is working with a number of vendors to bring CinemaNow … Continue reading

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Roxio Launches Toast 10 Titanium, Adds Transfers To TiVo

Roxio Monday launched Toast 10 Titanium for Mac OS. This new update to Toast adds a number of features, but most significantly for Mac OS users it includes an implementation of ‘TiVoToComeBack’, video transfers to a TiVo, which they’re calling … Continue reading

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Sonic Solutions Buying CinemaNow

Sonic, the digital media company best known for their Roxio products, not the drive-in food chain, is acquiring CinemaNow. I think that leaves Netflix as the last independent digital movie rental site. Akimbo is gone, Blockbuster bought Movielink. I suppose … Continue reading

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