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EngadgetHD Reviews Nero Liquid TV | TiVo PC

EngadgetHD has reviewed a pre-release copy of the Nero Liquid TV | TiVo PC software announced recently. (Nero has promised me a review copy of the final release.) The review is a mixed one, which isn’t too surprising. The main … Continue reading

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DirecTV Launches DIRECTV2PC Beta With CyberLink

DirecTV is launching a beta of DIRECTV2PC using software from CyberLink. This feature allows you to stream content from a DirecTV Plus HD DVR (HR20/21/22) to a Windows PC over a LAN. Unfortunately, while the page indicates the software is … Continue reading

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Sling Media SlingCatcher Now Shipping

As with the Slingbox PRO-HD two weeks ago, since I work for Sling Media now it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to review it, but the SlingCatcher officially shipped yesterday. Instead of reviewing it, here’s a roundup of coverage I’ve … Continue reading

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Samsung BD-P1500 Now BD-Live Enabled

Samsung has released a firmware update for the BD-P1500 which enables BD-Live support. I think this may be the least expensive full Profile 2.0 player available now, it is only $228.22 at Amazon. That’s a pretty good price for a … Continue reading

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Comcast Begins Deploying SDV Tuning Adapters

Last Friday TiVoCommunity member jtmal0723 received a letter from Comcast informing him that they’d begin offering the Tuning Adapter for Switched Digital Video channels this Monday, October 6th. And he ran right out and picked one up yesterday. In his … Continue reading

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