TiVo Comcast XFINITY On Demand Notification Sign Up Page Live, And Other Cable Offers

TiVo Logo For TiVo Premiere users in Comcast service areas there is now a page on TiVo’s website where you can register to be notified when XFINITY On Demand support is available in your area. Register your name, email, and zipcode, and TiVo will notify you when you’re able to access XFINITY from your TiVo Premiere. Comcast is reportedly on track to launch it in the SF Bay Area in the near future, perhaps this month, but plans for roll outs in other territories are still unknown. The only comment we’ve heard is that New England should be high on the list as they’re looking for the new retail support to replace the old ‘soft-TiVo’ systems still in use following the aborted roll-out there.

But in looking at this page I noticed something else. TiVo has a general page linking to all of their MSO offerings. Now, we know all about RCN, Suddenlink, Grande Communications, and Charter. But there are two other MSO’s listed on the page which I’d previously managed to overlook: Comporium and Northland Communications.

I have to say, finding TiVo on Comporium’s website wasn’t easy, but it is there. They’re a small MSO with service areas in North & South Carolina. It looks like they put out a press release way back on 2/2/11 announcing the TiVo Premiere. They lease each TiVo Premiere for $16.95/month, which is $10 more than their standard HD DVR for the first box, but only $4 more for each additional box. That doesn’t seem like too bad a deal.

Finding TiVo on the Northland site is much easier. They’re another small MSO, but much more spread out according to their “Who We Are” page:

Northland Communications currently owns and operates smaller-market cable systems in Alabama, California, Georgia, Idaho, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Washington. Northland is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and has a divisional office in Statesboro, Georgia.

It looks like Northland is referring customers directly to TiVo for purchases, but they’re also offering leases on TiVo Premiere units for $13.95/month in ‘select sites’.

Comporium is one of the small MSOs serviced via TiVo’s partnership with Evolution Digital, as much as stated in the press release. I’m not positive about Northland, but I expect the same is true there given their size. If you know of other small MSOs offering TiVo to their customers please let us know in a comment. I’m sure these deals can’t be adding many subscribers to TiVo’s totals, but every little bit is a positive. And I think small MSOs offering TiVo is a good thing for the customers too.

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