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Charter Adds The TiVo Preview And Multi-Room To Their TiVo Offering

We’ve known since the initial announcement that Charter planned to offer TiVo as a whole-home solution, it was right there in black and white: “as well as upcoming multi-room and non-DVR platforms”. That’d be the TiVo Preview, currently deployed by … Continue reading

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Sling Media Launches Embedded SlingPlayer

Remember last November when Sling Media launched SlingPlayer for Facebook and I tried to see if the player was embed-able in other sites, with disastrous results? No? Well, that happened. Anyway, they’ve now launched an actual Embedded SlingPlayer, which you … Continue reading

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Apps, Games, Music, Movies, And Books? It’s Time To Play

Today Google got a little more serious about competing in the content market, with the launch of Google Play. Google Play pulls together content that was formerly spread across several different sites – Google Music, Google eBookstore, and Android Market. … Continue reading

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