Pace The Latest Hardware Vendor To Support TiVo

TiVo Logo Pace, a maker of set top boxes, has licensed TiVo’s Hardware Porting Kit and is working with TiVo to produce a TiVo-verified platform for cable operators world wide. Pace is joining the likes of Cisco and Samsung, both providing hardware to Virgin Media in the UK (and Cisco to ONO in Spain), and Technicolor (formerly Thomson) who produce the THR22 for DirecTV and who are working on HW for Canal Digital in Scandinavia.

Pace is a global provider of hardware to the cable, satellite, & IPTV industries, including major MSOs like Comcast in the US. While TiVo’s current MSO deals in the US, with RCN, Suddenlink, Grande Digital, and Charter, all involve TiVo hardware, it makes sense to diversify with other platforms. Larger MSOs may be more comfortable buying hardware from a vendor they already do business with, and which has a proven track record of being able to manufacture and delivery large quantities of units. TiVo is still a relatively small player in the STB world. Also appealing will be the ability to use Pace’s provisioning and device management capabilities and their integrated high-speed data connectivity (aka built in DOCSIS and/or MoCA) for broadband communications and content delivery.

While Pace will be offering TiVo products to customers world wide, the release states that the initial product will be made available to cable operators in the Americas. That sounds to me like there are already initial customers lined up, but not yet publicly announced.

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  • Fanfoot

    Pace isn’t just any STB maker.  They’re the number one STB maker in the world, displacing Motorola back in 2010.  And honestly, they make better product than either Motorola or Cisco.   And they’ve started to eat Motorola and Cisco’s lunch even in North America recently.  The STB’s Comcast forces you to get if you want to receive a 3D channel are Pace boxes, with IP and h.264 support and all.  They make some nice stuff actually.

    • MegaZone

      They’re number one globally, but Cisco and Motorola still dominate the US market.  It is interesting that the first offering from this pairing is for the US, it makes me think that they have a customer, or customers, lined up already.  But I think the real pay off in the long term will be in the global market, where Pace does most of their business.  This could be TiVo’s gateway into more global markets.

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